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RFmx CDMA2k 19.1 Help

Edition Date: October 2019

Part Number: 375473H-01

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RFmx CDMA2k 19.1 Help
RFmx CDMA2k 20.0 Help

RFmx drivers requires that all the installed driver versions remain the same for proper functionality. This requirement is because RFmx drivers share components. If driver incompatibilities exist, they are reported through a dialog box after installation. You can also use the Version Compatibility Checker utility to manually check for version incompatibilities. Refer to the Installed Software, Documentation, and Examples section in the RFmx Specan Readme for more information about the installed location of the Version Compatibility Checker utility.

Use the following resources if you have problems installing your NI-RFSA hardware and/or software:

  • Refer to the for documents on troubleshooting common installation and programming problems and for answering frequently asked questions about NI products.
  • If you think you have damaged your device and need to return your NI hardware for repair or calibration, refer to How Do I Send a National Instruments board in for repair or calibration? topic at


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