Adding an Instrument to a Circuit

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Edition Date: February 2017
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Instruments are placed on the schematic from the Instruments toolbar.

This toolbar displays on the workspace by default. If it is not displayed, select View»Toolbars»Instruments.

You can also right-click in any of the blank toolbar areas and select Instruments from the context menu that appears. LabVIEW instruments appear in a sub-menu at the end of the Instruments toolbar.

Complete the following steps to place an instrument:

  1. From the Instruments toolbar, click the button of the instrument you want to place.
  2. To add a LabVIEW instrument, click the arrow in the LabVIEW Instruments button and select the instrument you want to place from the sub-menu that appears, or use the LabVIEW Instruments toolbar.

  3. Move the cursor to the location on the workspace where you want to place the instrument and click.
  4. The instrument icon and its reference designator (RefDes) appear. The RefDes identifies the type of instrument and its instance. For example, the first Logic Converter you place on a design is called “XLC1”, the second is “XLC2”, and so on. This numbering is unique within each design—if you create a second design, the first Logic Converter placed in it is “XLC1”, and so on.

      Some editions of Multisim do not support all instruments or multiple instances of a specific instrument.

  5. To wire the instrument into the circuit, click on a terminal on the instrument’s icon and drag a wire to the desired location (a pin, wire, or junction). The rules for component wiring also apply to instruments.
  6.   Education edition users may wish to prevent students from being able to place instruments on the workspace. Use restrictions to limit students’ access to the Instruments toolbar.


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