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The Bode Plotter produces a graph of a circuit’s frequency response and is most useful for analyzing filter circuits. You can also use the Bode Plotter to measure a signal’s voltage gain or phase shift.

To place the instrument, click the Bode Plotter button in the Instruments toolbar and click to place its icon on the workspace. The icon (shown below) is used to wire the Bode Plotter to the circuit.

If V+ and V- are single points in a circuit:

  1. Attach the positive IN terminal and the positive OUT terminal to connectors at V+ and V-.
  2. Attach the negative IN and OUT terminals to ground.

If V+ (or V-) is the magnitude or phase across a component, attach both IN terminals (or both OUT terminals) on either side of the component.

Double-click on the icon to open the front panel (shown below), which is used to enter settings and view measurements.

Viewing Bode Plotter Results

Move the plotter’s vertical cursor to get a readout of the frequency and magnitude or phase at any point on the plot. The vertical cursor is stored at the left edge of the Bode plotter display.

Complete the following steps to move the vertical cursor:

  1. Click the directional arrows below the plotter’s display.
  2. Or

    Drag the vertical cursor from the left edge of the plotter display to the point on the plot you want to measure.

      You can also move the cursor by right-clicking on it and using the context menu that appears. This feature is useful when locating the -3 dB point on a Bode plot.

The magnitude (or phase) and frequency at the intersection of the vertical cursor and the trace are shown in the boxes below the display, as in the example below.

  The plotter does not work in conjunction with the Function Generator with a differential setting (that is, when using the + and - terminals). You can only use the plotter with the Function Generator if it is wired as an absolute generator. If you wish to use the Bode plotter with differential settings, you must use an AC source.


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