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Circuit parameters are user-defined, schematic-level parameters that you can use to control component parameters. Circuit parameters can be assigned to any component parameter which is controlled by a numeric field.

By controlling the circuit parameters, you control the component parameters to which the circuit parameters are assigned.

Common applications for circuit parameters include:

  • Control of multiple component parameters.
  • You can define a circuit parameter and assign it to parameters of multiple components, thereby enabling you to control multiple component parameters from one place.

  • Use in expressions.
  • Circuit parameters can be expressions which consist of other circuit parameters. You can build a dependent list of equations and assign whichever circuit parameters you wish to component parameters.

    For example, you can define a parameter fc which might represent the cut-off frequency of a filter, and use it in a circuit parameter expression which represents a capacitance charging value, which you can assign directly to a capacitor component. You can then study the behavior of the circuit by modifying the parameter fc.

  • Use in analyses.
  • Multisim's Parameter Sweep analysis recognizes all circuit parameters in the design and can be used to sweep the values of these parameters. For instance you can assign a circuit parameter f1 to the Unity-gain bandwidth (FU) component parameter of the virtual opamp component and then run a parameter sweep on f1.

    Monte Carlo Analysis and Worst Case Analysis also support circuit parameters.

  • Access to Multisim automation API.
  • The Multisim Automation API and the LabVIEW Multisim API Toolkit (which uses the API) recognize and can be used to control the values of all circuit parameters in the design. This lets you control most component parameters from the API.


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