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Multisim Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 375482B-01

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Multisim Help documents these education-specific features:

  • Educators’ Guide—Describes the tools that you can use to exercise greater control over the Multisim interface and functionality when sharing designs with students, as well as to set certain aspects of a design’s behavior for instructional purposes.
  • Breadboarding— Provides a technical aid for educators who wish to illustrate breadboarding as a means of prototyping designs. It also gives students exposure to the breadboarding process, and shows in 3D what the resulting breadboard will look like when completed.
  • Virtual NI ELVIS and NI myDAQ—Virtual NI ELVIS emulates much of the behavior of its real-world counterpart, the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS). Planning, prototyping and testing of instructors’ projects can be carried out on students’ computers before moving on to the real NI ELVIS I or NI ELVIS II workstation in the lab.
  • NI myDAQ is a low-cost, portable data acquisition device that students can use to do laboratory-style measurements outside of the lab. A virtual NI myDAQ schematic contains a number of items that correspond to elements of the real-world NI myDAQ. The connection and control of these elements is described in this section.

  • PLD Schematics—A PLD schematic defines the internal logical behavior of a PLD and the interface to external logical connections. PLD schematics can be exported to VHDL files, a programming file, or used to program a connected PLD (FPGA).
  • Ladder Diagrams—These diagrams are electrically based, as opposed to the digital representations used by ladder logic. Ladder diagrams are used extensively for industrial motor control designs.
  • PLD Logic Components—These components are only available from a PLD schematic.
  • Education Edition Components—These components are unique to the Education edition of Multisim.


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