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Multisim Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 375482B-01

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The following table describes the commands found in the View menu.

Full screen
Shows the workspace without any toolbars or menu items showing.
Parent sheet
Displays the active subcircuit or hierarchical block’s parent sheet.
Zoom in
Increases the magnification of your view of the design.
Zoom out
Decreases the magnification of your view of the design.
Zoom area
Zooms in on selected components when the workspace is displayed at less than 100%.
Zoom sheet
Displays the entire active sheet on the workspace at once.
Zoom to magnification
Displays the Zoom dialog box where you enter the desired magnification.
Zoom selection
Zooms in on a selected area of the workspace—hold down the mouse button and drag to select an area.
Shows or hides a grid in the background of the design window. This helps you place elements in specific locations on a grid.
Shows or hides the design’s border.
Print page bounds
Shows or hides page boundaries in the design window. This helps you note where designs will appear on printed output.
Ruler bars
Shows or hides the ruler bars on the top and left margins that appear outside of the workspace.
Status bar
Shows or hides the status bar at the bottom of the workspace.
Design Toolbox
Shows or hides the Design Toolbox.
Spreadsheet View
Select/deselect to show/hide the Spreadsheet View.
SPICE Netlist Viewer
Displays the SPICE Netlist Viewer.
LabVIEW Co-simulation Terminals
Displays the LabVIEW Co-simulation Terminals view.
Circuit Parameters
Displays the Circuit Parameters view.
Description Box
Opens a window in which you can enter comments or information about the design.
Toolbars┬╗<toolbar name>
Shows or hides the selected toolbar. Choose to show or hide any or all of the toolbars discussed below.
Show comment/probe
Shows or hides information boxes for selected comments or probes.
Shows or hides the Grapher, which shows the results of simulation on a graph or chart.


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