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Multisim Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 375482B-01

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Sends arbitrary data to a source in the Multisim circuit.


Sub SetInputDataRaw ( _
inputName As String, _
dataArray As Variant, _
repeatFlag As Boolean)


inputName—The name of the source component in Multisim to replace with this data.

dataArray—A two-dimensional array of double values containing the input data values, where dataArray(0,n-1) contains the nth time value and dataArray(1,n-1) contains the nth data value.

repeatFlag—Specifies, if true, that the input data will continue to repeat itself until it is explicitly cleared or the simulation ends.


The X-Y input data contained in dataArray is sent to the simulation, via the source specified in inputName.

Calling SetInputDataRaw during simulation with an inputName that has previously been set immediately replaces the original data. Calling it on unspecified inputs results in an error.

Stopping or restarting the simulation discards the settings and data. SetInputDataRaw must be called before each simulation is run.

When the data is exhausted and the repeatFlag is False, the source continuously outputs its last value.

This method accepts arbitrarily-sampled data. Otherwise, it is the same as SetInputDataSampled.


See example for EnumInputs.

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