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Multisim Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 375482B-01

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A simulation in Multisim runs in either Interactive or Analysis Simulation Mode.

  • Interactive Simulation Mode—This mode performs a time-domain simulation (transient analysis) until you click the Stop button. In this mode, data is displayed by the instruments and by the indicator components. Additionally, interactive components such as switches and certain instruments such as the Function Generator, can be used to change the circuit state during run-time.
  • Refer to the Interactive Simulation section for more information.

  • Analysis Simulation Mode—Use this mode to set up a customized analysis and view the results in the Multisim Grapher during and after the simulation.
  • Refer to the Analyses section for more information.

The following sections explain the simulation methods used in Multisim. Details on Multisim’s analyses and instruments are also given.

The SPICE reference sections document the SPICE-based circuit syntax that is supported by Multisim's netlist parser.

Some of the described features may not be available in your edition of Multisim. Refer to Features by Tier for more information.


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