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Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 375482B-01

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This device is a simplified transistor switch for system-level simulation. It is modeled as a voltage-controlled switch in series with a DC source which models the Transistor forward voltage drop.

The voltage-controlled switch is a resistance whose value is controlled by the gate voltage relative to ground. It has the following transfer function:

In the above figure, the y-axis is logarithmic. Von, Ron, Roff are the Transistor on voltage, Transistor on resistance, and Transistor off resistance parameters respectively.

In comparison to models based on primitive SPICE transistor devices or to subcircuit-based models, this model typically results in a faster simulation and in improved convergence, at the expense of accuracy. It is intended for macro-level simulations where the importance of a transistor's basic on-off switching behavior dominates all other behaviors.

Sample circuit:


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