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Edition Date: February 2017
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Complete the following steps to use a placed instrument:

  1. Double-click on an instrument’s icon to view and modify its controls.
  2. The front panel appears.

  3. Make any necessary changes to the control settings, just as you would on their real-world equivalents.
  4. The control settings are different for each instrument—if you are unfamiliar with them, refer to the section on the specific instrument.

      It is critical that the control settings be appropriate for your design. If the settings are incorrect, this may cause the simulation results to appear incorrect or difficult to read.

      Not all areas of the open instrument are modifiable. The cursor switches to a hand when it is on a control that can be modified.

  5. Click the Run button to simulate the circuit. Multisim begins to simulate the circuit’s behavior and the signals, as measured at the points to which you have connected the instrument, are displayed.
  6. While the circuit is activated, you can adjust instrument settings. However, you cannot change the design by changing values (except for variable components), or perform any schematic capture functions such as rotate or component replacement as these would invalidate the netlist.

You can also run, stop, pause, or resume using commands from the Simulate menu.

Click the Stop button to stop the simulation. The simulation ends, with the final results shown on the front panel and in the audit trail.


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