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Wiring Components Manually

Multisim Help

Edition Date: February 2017

Part Number: 375482B-01

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Use the steps in this topic if you want to select the precise path a wire takes on a schematic.

Complete the following steps to wire two components together manually:

  1. Click on a pin from the first component to start the connection. Your pointer turns into a crosshair ).
  2. Move the mouse. A wire appears, attached to your cursor.
  3. Control the flow of the wire by clicking on points as you move the mouse. Each click “fixes” the wire to that point.
  4.   By default, Multisim “skips over” (avoids) components to which the wire is not connected. To pass through intermediary components instead, position the wire at the desired location beside the intermediary component, press <Shift> and drag the wire.

  5. Click on the desired pin of the second component to finish the connection.

To stop the wiring process, press <Esc> at any time.

To delete a wire, select it and press <Delete> or right-click on it and choose Delete from the context menu that appears.


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