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RFmx TD-SCDMA 19.1 Help

Edition Date: October 2019

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RFmx TD-SCDMA 19.1 Help
RFmx TD-SCDMA 20.0 Help

RFmx includes several example applications that demonstrate the functionality of your software and can serve as interactive tools, programming models, and building blocks for your own applications.

You can access all the installed RFmx examples from the Start menu. For example,

  • (Windows 7) Select Start»All Programs»National Instruments»RFmx SpecAn»RFmx SpecAn Examples
  • (Windows 10/8.1) Select Start»National Instruments»RFmx SpecAn Examples

NI Example Finder

The NI Example Finder is a utility that organizes examples into categories and allows you to browse and search installed examples. For example, search for "SpecAn" to locate all SpecAn examples. You can see descriptions and compatible hardware models for each example or see all the examples compatible with one particular hardware model.

To locate examples using the NI Example Finder within LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI, select Help»Find Examples. The NI Example Finder offers two ways to access all installed LabVIEW example VIs and their descriptions:

  • Click the Browse tab to locate examples by task at Hardware Input and Output»Modular Instruments»RFmx.
  • Click the Search tab to search all installed examples by keyword. For example, search for SpecAn to locate all RFmx SpecAn examples.
Note Note   NI Example Finder support is available only for the RFmx SpecAn and the RFmx Demod drivers.


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