Power versus Time (PVT)

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Edition Date: October 2019

Part Number: 375493H-01

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RFmx TD-SCDMA PVT measurement performs the transmit ON/OFF time mask test according to 3GPP TS 34.122 specification.

The test analyzes the RRC-filtered transmit power according to the test definition in 3GPP TS 34.122 specification, by measuring the transmit power present in specific time segments around an active time slot. You can obtain the built-in definition of the individual power segments by querying the PVT Segment Start and the PVT Segment Stop results.

According to the 3GPP TS 34.122 specification, the PVT measurement uses the midamble of the active time slot as the timing reference to apply the ON/OFF time mask. Thus, you must configure the midamble basic sequence and shift values, or activate the midamble auto detection for this measurement.

To achieve the required measurement dynamic range, the PVT measurement provides a high Dynamic Range mode that you can activate using the PVT Meas Method property. In this mode, the data acquired with the configured reference level are combined with the data acquired at a lower reference level to accurately measure the ON as well as the OFF power.

Note A high dynamic range measurement mode has specific hardware requirements, and is only supported by VST instruments, like NI PXIe-5644R/5645R/5646R.

RFmx TD-SCDMA measurements calculate the following performance metrics:

  • Measurement Status—Returns the overall measurement status. The overall status is Pass if the power in all the PVT measurement segments is below the limits defined in the 3GPP TS 34.122 specification.
  • Mean Absolute ON Power—Returns the mean ON power.
  • Mean Absolute OFF Power—Returns the mean OFF power.
  • Burst Width—Returns the duration of the ON power.

Additionally, the PVT measurement provides segment specific results, such as the segment measurement status and segment margin.


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