Licensing Measurement Studio

Measurement Studio 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 375857B-01

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Measurement Studio licensed features are class libraries and Visual Studio-integrated tools that use licensing to verify that you are authorized to use the software. Most Measurement Studio Core class libraries require licenses.

Note Note   The .NET class libraries included with device drivers, such as NI-DAQ, NI-VISA, and NI-488.2, do not require licenses. The National Instruments Common .NET class library also does not require a license.

There are several types of Measurement Studio licenses. The type of license determines the set of features of Measurement Studio that the license enables.

Measurement Studio licenses can be in one of several states. The state of the license determines whether and how the features of Measurement Studio are enabled. For example, when a license is in the Evaluation state, the relevant Measurement Studio features are enabled for evaluation.

The behavior of a licensed feature depends on the license types and states that exist when you use the feature.


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