Auto Formatting Measurement Studio Controls

Measurement Studio 2019 Help

Edition Date: May 2019

Part Number: 375857B-01

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You can use auto formats to quickly customize the look and feel of Measurement Studio controls at design time. The WaveformGraph, ScatterGraph, ComplexGraph, Knob, Gauge, and Meter controls support auto formats.

The following steps explain how to add an auto format to the waveform graph:

  1. In Visual Studio, with a Web Forms or Windows Forms project open, select View»Toolbox to display the Toolbox.
  2. Expand the Measurement Studio tab in the Toolbox.
  3. Select the WaveformGraph control and drag and drop it onto the form.
  4. Right-click the waveform graph and select Auto Format to display the Auto Format dialog box.
  5. Select a format and click OK to return to your project. For example, select Fill to O to show the plot area filled from the plot line to a 0 base value.
Note Note   Applying an Auto Format on a control resets all the appearance properties on the control; therefore, you must re-apply any appearance-related properties after you apply an Auto Format. For example, if your waveform graph includes a caption and you select an auto format for the graph, you must re-apply the caption property.


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