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Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) is a file format based on the National Instruments TDM data model used to stream data to disk. You can use the TDMS .NET class library to describe, store, and read measurement data that is optimized for high-speed data streaming and post processing. Files created with the TDMS .NET Library can be used in LabVIEW, CVI, and DIAdem, and files created by these applications can be used by the TDMS .NET Library.

Refer to Using the Measurement Studio TDMS .NET Library, Key Measurement Studio TDMS .NET Library Features, or Creating Measurement Studio Projects for more information. You can find sample applications in the Tdms Example folder.


TdmsAnalogWaveformWriteOptions Provides options to use when writing analog waveform data to a TDMS file.
TdmsChannel Provides a way to create and use a TDMS channel.
TdmsChannelCollection Represents a strongly typed collection of TdmsChannel objects.
TdmsChannelGroup Provides a way to create and use a TDMS channel group.
TdmsChannelGroupCollection Represents a strongly typed collection of TdmsChannelGroup objects.
TdmsException Represents an error code received from the underlying driver.
TdmsFile Provides support for creating new TDMS files and reading from and writing to existing TDMS files.
TdmsFileOptions Provides options to use when creating or opening a TDMS file.
TdmsProperty Provides a way to create a TDMS property which can be added to a TDMS file, channel group, or channel.
TdmsPropertyCollection Represents a strongly typed collection of TdmsProperty objects.


ITdmsContainerObject Defines the interface for TDMS objects that contain properties.
ITdmsObject Defines the interface for all TDMS objects.


TdmsByteOrder Specifies the byte order for TDMS data.
TdmsDataLayout Specifies the order that data should be written to multiple TDMS channels.
TdmsDataType Specifies a data type for TDMS channel data.
TdmsFileAccess Specifies whether a TDMS file's access is read-only or read/write.
TdmsFileFormat Specifies the file format for the TDMS file.
TdmsPropertyDataType Specifies a TDMS property's data type.
TdmsSaveFile Specifies whether a TDMS file should be saved after data is written.
TdmsWaveformLayout Specifies how the waveform channels and any timing channels should be laid out in a TdmsChannelGroup.
TdmsWaveformTimingType Specifies how the timing for a waveform is measured.


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