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Note: This topic applies to the following Measurement Studio editions: Enterprise, Professional.

Provides a way to create and use a TDMS channel.

Namespace: NationalInstruments.Tdms

Assembly: NationalInstruments.Tdms (in NationalInstruments.Tdms.dll) Version: (


Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public NotInheritable Class TdmsChannel _
	Implements ITdmsContainerObject, IDisposable

public sealed class TdmsChannel : ITdmsContainerObject, 


You can create TDMS channels using TdmsChannel. You must specify a channel name and data type, but a description and unit string are optional. You can get and set the channel Name, Description, and UnitString after the TdmsChannel is created. Once you have created a TdmsChannel, you can add it to the TdmsChannelCollection for your channel group using Add.

You can use GetProperties to access the properties associated with this TdmsChannel. GetProperties creates a new collection when it is called, but the collection is not updated if the TDMS file changes on disk. You must call GetProperties again to update your TdmsChannel properties.

Use AppendData to write data to the TdmsChannel, and GetData and GetData to read data from the channel. The data type of the channel must match the type parameter of AppendData and GetData. You can get the data type of the channel using GetDataType. If you want the data returned as an Object array, use GetData.

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