Communicating with RT Targets from a Host Computer (ELVIS RIO Control Toolkit)

LabVIEW 2016 ELVIS RIO Control Toolkit Help

Edition Date: June 2016

Part Number: 376300A-01

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Use the following table to learn about the methods that you can use to communicate with NI ELVIS RIO CM targets from a host computer.

Network Communication Front Panel Communication
Description A host VI runs on the host computer and communicates with the VI running on the RT target using specific network communication programmatic controls. LabVIEW and the RT Engine execute different parts of the same VI. LabVIEW on the host computer displays the front panel of the VI while the RT Engine executes the block diagram.
Use Case Customizing the code of the VIs respectively running on the host computer and on the RT target. Controlling the data that the host computer and the RT target send to each other. Monitoring the VIs running on an RT target.
Example Refer to the Network Communication sample project for examples of creating different types of network communication systems using the NI ELVIS RIO CM. Access this sample project by selecting File»Create Project in LabVIEW and selecting Sample Projects»NI ELVIS RIO CM. None.

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