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NI ATCA FPGA Modules Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 376468A-01

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This help file contains technical and programming support for using the NI ATCA LabVIEW API. This help file provides reference material for the NI ATCA VIs.

Use the NI ATCA VIs to develop applications for your ATCA-3671 module and adapter modules.

Palette Object Description
ATCA-3671 Open FPGA Reference This VI is required to connect to an FPGA from the host. It calls the transfer VI underneath to send over the bitstream, then initiates a normal FPGA open call.
ATCA-3671 Get FPGA ID This VI queries the ATCA-3671 FPGA ID of the RIO device specified by the resource string. It is called by several built-in VIs, but also may be used directly to programmatically determine the location of a given FPGA device in large applications.
ATCA-3671 Transfer Bitstream This VI initiates a connection to ‘lvsrv’ and transfers the bitstream contents over the network when open and called by the ATCA-3671 Open FPGA Reference VI.
ATCA-3671 Configure Jitter Cleaner This VI sends a command via ‘lvsrv’ to set the jitter cleaner parameters and returns whether the PLL is locked after reprogramming.
ATCA-3671 Configure RTM Line Rate This VI configures the retimers on the QSFP ports of the RTM-3661 to run at the given line rate. Each call affects a single lane, so the VI must be called in a loop to configure entire ports at a time.


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