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NI ATCA FPGA Modules Help

Edition Date: March 2017

Part Number: 376468A-01

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NI ATCA FPGA Modules includes several example applications for LabVIEW. These examples serve as interactive tools, programming models, and as building blocks in your own applications.

LabVIEW users can use the Example Finder to search or browse examples. NI ATCA examples are classified by keyword, so you can search for a particular device or measurements function. With LabVIEW running, select Help»Find Examples to launch the NI Example Finder. The NI Example Finder offers two ways to access all installed LabVIEW example VIs and their descriptions.

  • Click the Browse tab to locate NI ATCA examples by task at Hardware Input and Output»ATCA.
  • Click the Search tab to search all installed examples by keyword. For example, search for "ATCA" to locate all NI ATCA examples.

Examples also are available online that demonstrate NI ATCA basics, such as using DRAM, acquiring data from adapter modules, and performing high throughput streaming. Refer to for these examples and for more information.


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