AIO-3681 Socketed CLIP Interface

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Edition Date: September 2018

Part Number: 376468B-01

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LabVIEW support for the AIO-3681 includes two versions of the Socketed CLIP interface: one for dual-channel I/Q sampling, and one for single-channel dual-edge sampling (DES). Because the hardware assembly uses different components based on the desired sampling mode, always choose the appropriate Socketed CLIP to match the hardware configuration present in the system.

In dual-channel sampling mode, the same clock edge is used to sample both signals at the same time. In DES mode, opposite edges of the clock are used to sample each channel in an alternating fashion, effectively doubling the sample rate of the ADC.

For more information on the sampling modes supported by the ADC, refer to the TI ADC12D2000RF device data sheet on the Texas Instruments website at

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