ATCA-3671 User-Accessible Multi-Gigabit Transceivers (MGTs)

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Edition Date: September 2018

Part Number: 376468B-01

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The ATCA-3671 hardware has 76 user-accessible MGTs available to the user for high-speed, low-latency data communication between devices.

The FPGAs on the ATCA-3671 feature a Xilinx GTH transceiver, which allows for supported line rates up to 12.5 Gbps on most interfaces.

The ATCA-3671 user-accessible MGTs are organized into five different groups:

  • Three MGT groups connect the four FPGAs in a full mesh pattern
  • One MGT group connects the FPGAs to the ATCA I/O (AIO) slot
  • One MGT group connects the FPGAs to the Rear Transition Module (RTM) slot


The following figure shows the logical structure of the five transceiver groups.


1  AIO   3  FPGA Ring Up   5  FPGA Diagonal  
2  RTM   4  FPGA Ring Down  

Each transceiver group is defined in the following table.

Name Number of MGTs Connection Configuration
AIO 16 Each FPGA to a designated AIO module connector Depends on which AIO module is populated in each slot
RTM 16 Each FPGA to the RTM Depends on which RTM is populated in the system

FPGA Ring Up

16 Upstream, between FPGAs Ring (A to D, B to A, C to B, and D to C)

FPGA Ring Down

16 Downstream, between FPGAs Ring (A to B, B to C, C to D, and D to A)

FPGA Diagonal

12 Diagonal, between FPGAs Diagonal (A to C, B to D, C to A, D to B)


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