AM Parameters

NI-RFmx Waveform Creator 3.0 Help

Edition Date: January 2019

Part Number: 377064E-01

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This section lets you configure the modulation parameters of the AM DSB Signal. It comprises the following controls.

Fig. 8-13 AM Modulation Screen

Modulation Index

This parameter specifies the ratio of the unmodulated carrier amplitude to the amplitude deviation for which the modulated carrier wave reaches its minimum value. The Modulation Index can be in the range of 0 to 1.

Message Frequency

This parameter specifies the frequency of the message signal to be transmitted on the channel. The message frequency can be in the range of 150 Hz to 50 KHz.

Number of Samples

This parameter specifies the number of samples to generate. The minimum value that can be set is 100.

Sampling Rate

This is a read-only parameter which displays the sampling rate of the generated signal.

Number of Message Samples

This is a read-only parameter which displays the actual number of samples generated.


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