CDMA2k Filters

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Edition Date: October 2019

Part Number: 377064G-01

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RFmx Waveform Creator 19.1 Help
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The RFmx Waveform Creator provides you with 6 different filters that are associated with CDMA2k (and IS95). The filters are as follows:

  • CDMA2k 1x (Standard)
  • CDMA2k 1x (Improved ACP)
  • CDMA2k 1xPlusEqualization (Standard)
  • CDMA2k 1xPlusEqualization (Improved ACP)
  • CDMA2k 3xDS (Standard)
  • CDMA2k 3xDS (Improved ACP)

CDMA2k 1x (Standard) and CDMA2k 3x DS (Standard) filters defined in the 3GPP2 C.S0002-C specification that are used for the reverse link 1x and 3x spreading rates. The filter CDMA2k 1xPlusEqualization (Standard) is the filter defined in the specification for the forward link.

The frequency response for these filters is such that the adjacent channels are only attenuated by approximately 45 dB as shown below.


For amplifier testing, it is desirable to have better adjacent channel performance. The filters CDMA2k 1x (Improved ACP), CDMA2k 3x DS (Improved ACP) and CDMA2k 1xPlusEqualization (Improved ACP), are modified standard filters with better adjacent channel attenuation as shown below. The pass band response of these modified filters is the same as the standard filters.



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