Changing the Graph Scale

Getting Started with NI-RFmx Waveform Creator 2.4

Edition Date: November 2017

Part Number: 377065A-01

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To change the X and Y axis scales for a given graph, click the Zoom menu at the top of the panel and select the Change Scale option. This displays the scaling screen:

Fig.27 Scale Adjust Dialog

The way you specify the scale of the X and Y axes depends on the type of data that the active graph is displaying. The different methods are as follows:

Frequency Centre, Span

Use this to specify a scale in terms of a center point and a span.

Power Reference, Scale/Division

Use this to specify a scale in terms of a reference, which is the maximum value of the display, and value for each division of the graph.


Use this to specify a scale in terms of a start and stop limit.

Changing the Scale

Whenever you modify the scale using this screen, the new scale limits are automatically applied to the graph display, showing the new scale immediately. However, these changes are only permanently applied when you click Ok. If you click Cancel at any time, the graph display scales are reset to their original values.

Axis Limits

There are normally limits on the scales you are can enter on this screen, and these depend on the measurement that is being made.


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