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Getting Started with NI-RFmx Waveform Creator 2.4

Edition Date: November 2017

Part Number: 377065A-01

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The Download & Play feature enables you to download the waveform created by the NI-RFmx Waveform Creator and play it on NI hardware.

  • To open the dialog box, click Download & Play, as shown in the following figure.

Note: The Download & Play option in the main menu is enabled when you open at least one modulation window.


Enter the required parameters before you play the waveform on the hardware.

Device Name -

  • Lists the devices which are configured in NI-MAX.
  • When you select a device, internally an RFSG session is opned for that device. This session automatically closes when you select another device, click No Device, or close the Download & Play window.

Center Frequency, Power Level, External Attenuation, Reference Source, Frequency, and Markers - Values that you set on these controls are configured to the selected device.

  • When the device name is changed, and
  • When you click Create & Play

During waveform play, the values are also applied on the fly.

LO Offset Mode - Sets the LO offset mode to NI hardware and possible values are Auto, Disabled and No Offset. Default value is Disabled. Refer RFSG help for more information.

Signal Bandwidth - Based on the waveform configuration set in the Modulation window, Signal Bandwidth is calculated and set to this control when you click Create & Play.

Note: This is a read-only control.

Runtime Scaling - Sets the value to runtime scaling property, default value is -1.5 dB.

PAPR- Based on the waveform configuration from the Modulation window, PAPR is calculated and set to this control when you click Create & Play.

Create & Play -

  • When you select the device, a valid session is opened and the Create & Play button is enabled.
  • When you select No Device from the list of device names, the Create & Play button is disabled.
  • When you configure the selected device and click the Create & Play button, the waveform from the active modulation window's configuration is generated, download to the device, and played on the device.
  • The waveform generation is aborted when you click the Stop button.

Stop - Aborts waveform generation.

Waveform generation is also aborted, if you close the window, change the device name, or on any error condition from the selected device.

Status Textbox - Displays status, warning, and error information about the current device session. The window automatically clears the resolved errors.


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