LabWindows™/CVI™ Help

May 2017, 370051AG-01

Use this help file as a reference for information about LabWindows/CVI windows, functions, tools, and menus. The help includes the following sections:

  • LabWindows/CVI Fundamentals—Introduction to the LabWindows/CVI environment and workspace. This section also includes topics about function panels, debugging tools, and writing source code.
  • Creating Applications—Information to help you create and manage your projects.
  • Distributing Applications—A guide to help you distribute your applications and edit your installer.
  • Library Reference—In-depth function reference for each LabWindows/CVI function. This section includes code examples and overviews of LabWindows/CVI libraries.
  • Programmer Reference—Information to help you use compilers in LabWindows/CVI, program with multibyte character sets, and check for errors.
  • Hardware Information—Information to help you create and edit DAQ tasks. This section also includes topics about status reporting by the NI-DAQ, NI-DAQmx, VISA, and VXI libraries.
  • Tools Library—Overview of additional instrument drivers included in LabWindows/CVI and function reference for each Tools Library function.

Use the Guide to Documentation to access application notes and white papers included in the LabWindows/CVI installation.

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