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Class/Panel Name Function Name
Signal Generation
Impulse Impulse
Pulse Pulse
Ramp Ramp
Triangle Triangle
Sine Pattern SinePattern
Uniform Noise Uniform
White Noise WhiteNoise
Gaussian Noise GaussNoise
Periodic Noise PeriodNoise
Gamma Noise GammaNoise
Poisson Noise PoissonNoise
Binomial Noise BinomialNoise
Bernoulli Noise BernoulliNoise
Arbitrary Wave ArbitraryWave
Chirp Chirp
Sawtooth Wave SawtoothWave
Sinc Waveform Sinc
Sine Wave SineWave
Square Wave SquareWave
Triangle Wave TriangleWave
Gaussian Monopulse GaussMonopulse
Gaussian Modulated Sinusoidal Pattern GaussModSinePattern
Periodic Sinc Waveform PeriodicSinc
Unsymmetric Triangle UnsymmetricTriangle
Riffle Array RiffleArray
Complex Riffle Array CxRiffleArray
Integer Riffle Array IntRiffleArray
Halton Sequence HaltonSeq
Richtmeyer Sequence RichtmeyerSeq
Array Operations
1D Operations
1D Clear Array Clear1D
1D Set Array Set1D
1D Copy Array Copy1D
1D Array Addition Add1D
1D Array Subtraction Sub1D
1D Array Multiplication Mul1D
1D Array Division Div1D
1D Absolute Value Abs1D
1D Negative Value Neg1D
1D Linear Evaluation LinEv1D
1D Polynomial Evaluation PolyEv1D
1D Scaling Scale1D
1D Quick Scaling QScale1D
1D Maximum & Minimum MaxMin1D
1D Sum of Elements Sum1D
1D Product of Elements Prod1D
1D Array Subset Subset1D
1D Vector Normalization Normal1D
1D Reverse Array Order Reverse
1D Shift Array Shift
1D Clip Array Clip
1D Sort Array Sort
2D Operations
2D Array Addition Add2D
2D Array Subtraction Sub2D
2D Array Multiplication Mul2D
2D Array Division Div2D
2D Linear Evaluation LinEv2D
2D Polynomial Evaluation PolyEv2D
2D Scaling Scale2D
2D Quick Scaling QScale2D
2D Maximum & Minimum MaxMin2D
2D Sum of Elements Sum2D
2D Matrix Normalization Normal2D
Complex Operations
Complex Numbers
Complex Addition CxAdd
Complex Subtraction CxSub
Complex Multiplication CxMul
Complex Division CxDiv
Complex Reciprocal CxRecip
Complex Square Root CxSqrt
Complex Logarithm CxLog
Complex Natural Logarithm CxLn
Complex Power CxPow
Complex Exponential CxExp
Rectangular to Polar ToPolar
Polar to Rectangular ToRect
1D Complex Operations
1D Complex Addition CxAdd1D
1D Complex Subtraction CxSub1D
1D Complex Multiplication CxMul1D
1D Complex Division CxDiv1D
1D Complex Linear Evaluation CxLinEv1D
1D Rectangular to Polar ToPolar1D
1D Polar to Rectangular ToRect1D
Signal Processing
Frequency Domain Analysis
Inverse FFT InvFFT
Real Valued FFT ReFFT
Real Valued Inverse FFT ReInvFFT
Power Spectrum Spectrum
Complex Power Spectrum CxSpectrum
Inverse FHT InvFHT
Cross Spectrum CrossSpectrum
Complex Cross Spectrum CxCrossSpectrum
Fast Hilbert Transform FastHilbertTransform
Inverse Fast Hilbert Transform InvFastHilbertTransform
Real Valued 2D FFT FFT2D
Inverse Real Valued 2D FFT InvFFT2D
Complex 2D FFT CxFFT2D
Inverse Complex 2D FFT CxInvFFT2D
Discrete Cosine Transform DCT
Inverse Discrete Cosine Transform InvDCT
Discrete Sine Transform DST
Inverse Discrete Sine Transform InvDST
2D Discrete Cosine Transform DCT2D
Inverse 2D Discrete Cosine Transform InvDCT2D
2D Discrete Sine Transform DST2D
Inverse 2D Discrete Sine Transform InvDST2D
Chirp Z Transform ChirpZT
Complex Chirp Z Transform CxChirpZT
FFT Tables
Create FFT Table CreateFFTTable
Destroy FFT Table DestroyFFTTable
FFT (Extended) FFTEx
Inverse FFT (Extended) InvFFTEx
Complex FFT (Extended) CxFFTEx
Complex Inverse FFT (Extended) CxInvFFTEx
Time Domain Analysis
Convolution Convolve
Convolution with Algorithm ConvolveEx
2D Convolution with Algorithm Convolve2D
Complex Convolution with Algorithm CxConvolve
Complex 2D Convolution with Algorithm CxConvolve2D
Correlation Correlate
Correlation with Algorithm CorrelateEx
2D Correlation with Algorithm Correlate2D
Complex Correlation with Algorithm CxCorrelate
Complex 2D Correlation with Algorithm CxCorrelate2D
Normalized Correlate NormalizedCorrelate
Complex Normalized Correlate CxNormalizedCorrelate
Autocorrelation AutoCorrelate
2D Autocorrelation AutoCorrelate2D
Complex Autocorrelation CxAutoCorrelate
Complex 2D Autocorrelation CxAutoCorrelate2D
Integration Integrate
Differentiation Difference
Differentiation (Extended) DifferenceEx
Pulse Parameters PulseParam
Decimate Decimate
Decimate Continuously DecimateContinuous
Complex Decimate CxDecimate
Complex Decimate Continuously CxDecimateContinuous
Deconvolve Deconvolve
Unwrap Phase UnWrap1D
Unwrap Phase by Unit UnWrap1DByUnit
Trigger Detection TriggerDetection
2D Trigger Detection TriggerDetection2D
Unwrap Phase by Unit UnWrap1DByUnit
IIR Digital Filters
Cascade Filter Functions
Bessel Cascade Coeffs Bessel_CascadeCoef
Bessel Cascade Coeffs New Algorithm Bessel_CascadeCoefEx
Butterworth Cascade Coeffs Bw_CascadeCoef
Chebyshev Cascade Coeffs Ch_CascadeCoef
Inverse Chebyshev Cascade Coeffs InvCh_CascadeCoef
Elliptic Cascade Coeffs Elp_CascadeCoef
IIR Cascade Filtering IIRCascadeFiltering
Complex IIR Cascade Filtering CxIIRCascadeFiltering
Zero Phase Filtering ZeroPhaseFiltering
Median Filter MedianFilter
Filter Information Utilities
   Allocate Filter Information AllocIIRFilterPtr
   Reset Filter Information ResetIIRFilter
   Free Filter Information FreeIIRFilterPtr
   Allocate Filter State Information AllocCxIIRFilterStatePtr
   Free Filter State Information FreeCxIIRFilterStatePtr
   Cascade to Direct Coefficients CascadeToDirectCoef
One-step Filter Functions
Lowpass Bessel Bssl_LPF
Highpass Bessel Bssl_HPF
Bandpass Bessel Bssl_BPF
Bandstop Bessel Bssl_BSF
Lowpass Butterworth Bw_LPF
Highpass Butterworth Bw_HPF
Bandpass Butterworth Bw_BPF
Bandstop Butterworth Bw_BSF
Lowpass Chebyshev Ch_LPF
Highpass Chebyshev Ch_HPF
Bandpass Chebyshev Ch_BPF
Bandstop Chebyshev Ch_BSF
Lowpass Inverse Chebyshev InvCh_LPF
Highpass Inverse Chebyshev InvCh_HPF
Bandpass Inverse Chebyshev InvCh_BPF
Bandstop Inverse Chebyshev InvCh_BSF
Lowpass Elliptic Elp_LPF
Highpass Elliptic Elp_HPF
Bandpass Elliptic Elp_BPF
Bandstop Elliptic Elp_BSF
Complex One-step Filter Functions
Complex Lowpass Bessel CxBssl_LPF
Complex Highpass Bessel CxBssl_HPF
Complex Bandpass Bessel CxBssl_BPF
Complex Bandstop Bessel CxBssl_BSF
Complex Lowpass Butterworth CxBw_LPF
Complex Highpass Butterworth CxBw_HPF
Complex Bandpass Butterworth CxBw_BPF
Complex Bandstop Butterworth CxBw_BSF
Complex Lowpass Chebyshev CxCh_LPF
Complex Highpass Chebyshev CxCh_HPF
Complex Bandpass Chebyshev CxCh_BPF
Complex Bandstop Chebyshev CxCh_BSF
Complex Lowpass Inverse Chebyshev CxInvCh_LPF
Complex Highpass Inverse Chebyshev CxInvCh_HPF
Complex Bandpass Inverse Chebyshev CxInvCh_BPF
Complex Bandstop Inverse Chebyshev CxInvCh_BSF
Complex Lowpass Elliptic CxElp_LPF
Complex Highpass Elliptic CxElp_HPF
Complex Bandpass Elliptic CxElp_BPF
Complex Bandstop Elliptic CxElp_BSF
Old-Style Filter Functions
Bessel Coefficients Bessel_Coef
Butterworth Coefficients Bw_Coef
Chebyshev Coefficients Ch_Coef
Inverse Chebyshev Coefficients InvCh_Coef
Elliptic Coefficients Elp_Coef
IIR Filtering IIRFiltering
Complex IIR Filtering IIRFiltering_CxInput
FIR Digital Filters
Lowpass Window Filters Wind_LPF
Highpass Window Filters Wind_HPF
Bandpass Window Filters Wind_BPF
Bandstop Window Filters Wind_BSF
Lowpass Kaiser Window Ksr_LPF
Highpass Kaiser Window Ksr_HPF
Bandpass Kaiser Window Ksr_BPF
Bandstop Kaiser Window Ksr_BSF
General Equi-Ripple FIR Equi_Ripple
Lowpass Equi-Ripple FIR EquiRpl_LPF
Highpass Equi-Ripple FIR EquiRpl_HPF
Bandpass Equi-Ripple FIR EquiRpl_BPF
Bandstop Equi-Ripple FIR EquiRpl_BSF
Lowpass Equi-Ripple Filtering EquiRpl_LPFiltering
Highpass Equi-Ripple Filtering EquiRpl_HPFiltering
Bandpass Equi-Ripple Filtering EquiRpl_BPFiltering
Bandstop Equi-Ripple Filtering EquiRpl_BSFiltering
Complex Lowpass Equi-Ripple Filtering CxEquiRpl_LPFiltering
Complex Highpass Equi-Ripple Filtering CxEquiRpl_HPFiltering
Complex Bandpass Equi-Ripple Filtering CxEquiRpl_BPFiltering
Complex Bandstop Equi-Ripple Filtering CxEquiRpl_BSFiltering
Lowpass Window Filtering Wind_LPFiltering
Highpass Window Filtering Wind_HPFiltering
Bandpass Window Filtering Wind_BPFiltering
Bandstop Window Filtering Wind_BSFiltering
Complex Lowpass Window Filtering CxWind_LPFiltering
Complex Highpass Window Filtering CxWind_HPFiltering
Complex Bandpass Window Filtering CxWind_BPFiltering
Complex Bandstop Window Filtering CxWind_BSFiltering
FIR Coefficients FIR_Coef
FIR Filtering FIRFiltering
Complex FIR Filtering FIRFiltering_CxInput
FIR Narrow Band Filter Coef FIRNarrowBandCoef
FIR Narrow Band Filter FIRNarrowBandFilter
Complex FIR Narrow Band Filter CxFIRNarrowBandFilter
Allocate FIR Filter Information AllocFIRFilterPtr
Free FIR Filter Information FreeFIRFilterPtr
Windowed FIR Filter Coefficients WindFIR_Filter
Window FIR Filtering WindFIR_Filtering
Complex Window FIR Filtering CxWindFIR_Filtering
Savitzky-Golay Filter Design SavitzkyGolayCoef
Savitzky-Golay Filtering SavitzkyGolayFiltering
Complex Savitzky-Golay Filtering SavitzkyGolayFiltering_CxInput
Parks McClellan Coefficients Parks_McClellanCoef
Triangular Window TriWin
Hanning Window HanWin
Hamming Window HamWin
Blackman Window BkmanWin
Kaiser Window KsrWin
Blackman-Harris Window BlkHarrisWin
Tapered Cosine Window CosTaperedWin
Tapered Cosine Window (Extended) CosTaperedWinEx
Exact Blackman Window ExBkmanWin
Exponential Window ExpWin
Flat Top Window FlatTopWin
Force Window ForceWin
General Cosine Window GenCosWin
Dolph-Chebyshev Window ChebWin
Gaussian Window GaussWin
Symmetric Window SymWin
Blackman-Nuttall Window BlkmanNuttallWin
Scaled Window (Extended) ScaledWindowEx
Parzen Window ParzenWin
Welch Window WelchWin
Bartlett-Hann Window BartHannWin
Bohman Window BohmanWin
Get Window Properties GetWinProperties
Numeric Window Properties NumericWinProperties
Name Window Properties NameWinProperties
Complex Windows
Complex Triangular Window CxTriWin
Complex Hanning Window CxHanWin
Complex Hamming Window CxHamWin
Complex Blackman Window CxBkmanWin
Complex Kaiser Window CxKsrWin
Complex Blackman-Harris Window CxBlkHarrisWin
Complex Tapered Cosine Window CxCosTaperedWin
Complex Exact Blackman Window CxExBkmanWin
Complex Exponential Window CxExpWin
Complex Flat Top Window CxFlatTopWin
Complex Force Window CxForceWin
Complex General Cosine Window CxGenCosWin
Complex Dolph-Chebyshev Window CxChebWin
Complex Gaussian Window CxGaussWin
Complex Symmetric Window CxSymWin
Complex Blackman-Nuttall Window CxBlkmanNuttallWin
Complex Scaled Window CxScaledWindow
Complex Parzen Window CxParzenWin
Complex Welch Window CxWelchWin
Complex Bartlett-Hann Window CxBartHannWin
Complex Bohman Window CxBohmanWin
AC/DC Estimator ACDCEstimator
Amplitude/Phase Spectrum AmpPhaseSpectrum
Auto Power Spectrum AutoPowerSpectrum
Cross Power Spectrum CrossPowerSpectrum
Impulse Response ImpulseResponse
Network Functions NetworkFunctions
Power Frequency Estimate PowerFrequencyEstimate
Scaled Window ScaledWindow
Spectrum Unit Conversion SpectrumUnitConversion
Transfer Function TransferFunction
Total Harmonic Distortion HarmonicAnalyzer
Total Harmonic Distortion Using Signal HarmonicAnalyzerUsingSignal
State Levels StateLevels
Pulse Measurements PulseMeas
Transition Measurements TransMeas
RMS of Waveform for One Cycle CycleRMSAverage
Single Tone Info SingleToneInfo
Single Tone Signal SingleToneSignal
Multiple Tone Info MultipleToneInfo
Multiple Tone Signal MultipleToneSignal
Complex Single Tone Info CxSingleToneInfo
Complex Single Tone Signal CxSingleToneSignal
Complex Multiple Tone Info CxMultipleToneInfo
Complex Multiple Tone Signal CxMultipleToneSignal
Mean Mean
Standard Deviation StdDev
Variance Variance
Root Mean Squared Value RMS
Complex Root Mean Squared Value CxRMS
Moments about the Mean Moment
Median Median
Mode Mode
Mode (Extended) ModeEx
Histogram Histogram
Probability Distributions
Normal Distribution N_Dist
T-Distribution T_Dist
F-Distribution F_Dist
Chi-Square Distribution XX_Dist
Inverse Normal Distribution InvN_Dist
Inverse T-Distribution InvT_Dist
Inverse F-Distribution InvF_Dist
Inverse Chi-Square Distribution InvXX_Dist
Analysis of Variance
Three-way ANOVA ANOVA3Way
Nonparametric Statistics
Contingency Table Contingency_Table
Error Function Erf
Complementary Error Function Erfc
Curve Fitting
Linear Fit LinFit
Exponential Fit ExpFit
Polynomial Fit PolyFit
General Least Squares Fit GenLSFit
Non-Linear Fit NonLinearFit
Non-Linear Fit with Maximum Iterations NonLinearFitWithMaxIters
Non-Linear Fit with Weight NonLinearFitWithWeight
Gaussian Fit GaussFit
Logarithmic Fit LogFit
Power Fit PowerFit
Linear Fit (Extended) LinearFitEx
Exponential Fit (Extended) ExpFitEx
Polynomial Fit (Extended) PolyFitEx
Goodness of Fit GoodnessOfFit
Cubic Spline Fit CubicSplineFit
Linear Fit Interval LinearFitInterval
Exponential Fit Interval ExpFitInterval
Gaussian Fit Interval GaussFitInterval
Logarithmic Fit Interval LogFitInterval
Power Fit Interval PowerFitInterval
Remove Outlier by Index RemoveOutlierByIndex
Remove Outlier by Range RemoveOutlierByRange
Old-Style Functions
General Least Squares Fit Coefficients GenLSFitCoef
Polynomial Interpolation PolyInterp
Rational Interpolation RatInterp
Spline Interpolation SpInterp
Spline Interpolant Spline
Vector & Matrix Algebra
Real Matrices
Create Special Matrix SpecialMatrix
Dot Product DotProduct
Transpose Transpose
Determinant Determinant
Determinant (General) GenDeterminant
Trace Trace
Invert Matrix InvMatrix
Invert Matrix (General) GenInvMatrix
Solution of Linear Equations LinEqs
Solution of Linear Equations (General) GenLinEqs
Multiply Matrices MatrixMul
Multiply a Matrix with a Vector MatrixVectorMul
Outer Product OuterProduct
Rank MatrixRank
Norm MatrixNorm
Condition Number ConditionNumber
EigenValues & Vectors (Symmetric) SymEigenValueVector
EigenValues & Vectors (General) GenEigenValueVector
Singular Values of a Matrix SVDS
SVD Factorization SVD
QR Factorization QR
Cholesky Factorization Cholesky
PseudoInverse Matrix PseudoInverse
Test Positive Definiteness CheckPosDef
LU Factorization LU
Forward Substitution ForwSub
Backward Substitution BackSub
SVD Factorization (Extended) SVDEx
QR Factorization (Extended) QREx
Matrix Balance MatrixBalance
Solve Equations SolveEqs
Eigenvector Backtransformation EigenVBack
Generalized Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors GenEigenAB
Hessenberg Decomposition Hess
QZ Decomposition QZ
Schur Decomposition Schur
Kronecker Product KroneckerProd
Unit Vector UnitVector
Autocorrelation Matrix AutoCorrMtrx
Complex Matrices
Create Special Complex Matrix CxSpecialMatrix
Complex Dot Product CxDotProduct
Complex Transpose CxTranspose
Complex Determinant CxDeterminant
Complex Trace CxTrace
Complex Invert Matrix CxGenInvMatrix
Solution of Complex Linear Equations CxGenLinEqs
Complex Multiply Matrices CxMatrixMul
Multiply a Complex Matrix with a Complex Vector CxMatrixVectorMul
Complex Outer Product CxOuterProduct
Complex Rank CxMatrixRank
Complex Norm CxMatrixNorm
Complex Condition Number CxConditionNumber
Complex EigenValues & Vectors CxEigenValueVector
Complex Singular Values CxSVDS
Complex SVD Factorization CxSVD
Complex QR Factorization CxQR
Complex Cholesky Factorization CxCholesky
Complex PseudoInverse Matrix CxPseudoInverse
Complex Test Positive Definite CxCheckPosDef
Complex LU Factorization CxLU
Complex SVD Factorization (Extended) CxSVDEx
Complex QR Factorization (Extended) CxQREx
Complex Matrix Balance CxMatrixBalance
Complex Solve Equations CxSolveEqs
Complex Eigenvector Backtransformation CxEigenVBack
Complex Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors CxGenEigenAB
Complex Hessenberg Decomposition CxHess
Complex QZ Decomposition CxQZ
Complex Schur Decomposition CxSchur
Complex Kronecker Product CxKroneckerProd
Complex Unit Vector CxUnitVector
Complex Autocorrelation Matrix CxAutoCorrMtrx
Additional Numerical Methods
Polynomial Roots (Extended) PolyRootsEx
Complex Polynomial Roots CxPolyRoots
Complex Polynomial Roots (Extended) CxPolyRootsEx
Numeric Integration NumericIntegration
Peak Detector PeakDetector
Threshold Peak Detector ThresholdPeakDetector
Special Functions
Airy Airy
Bessel J of the First Kind Bessel1st
Bessel J of the Second Kind (Neumann) Bessel2nd
Spherical Bessel of the First Kind SphBessel1st
Spherical Bessel of the Second Kind SphBessel2nd
Modified Bessel of the First Kind ModBessel1st
Modified Bessel of the Second Kind ModBessel2nd
Beta and Incomplete Beta Beta
Factorial Fact
Gamma and Incomplete Gamma Gamma
Complementary Incomplete Gamma GammaC
Natural Logarithm of Factorial LnFact
Natural Logarithm of Gamma LnGamma
Psi (Digamma) Psi
Stirling's Approximation to Gamma Stirling
Gauss Hypergeometric GaussHG
Gauss Hypergeometric GaussHypergeometric
Kummer (Confluent Hypergeometric M) Kummer
Tricomi (Associated Confluent Hypergeometric U) Tricomi
Elliptic and Incomplete Elliptic Integral of the First Kind Elliptic1st
Elliptic and Incomplete Elliptic Integral of the Second Kind Elliptic2nd
Dawson's Integral Dawson
Fresnel Sine and Cosine Integrals FresnelIntegrals
Exponential Integral ExpIntegral
Cosine Integral CosIntegral
Sine Integral SinIntegral
Hyperbolic Cosine Integral CoshIntegral
Hyperbolic Sine Integral SinhIntegral
Jacobi Elliptic JacobiEllipticI
Complex Kelvin of the First Kind Kelvin1st
Complex Kelvin of the Second Kind Kelvin2nd
Dilogarithm (Spence's Integral) Dilogarithm
Parabolic Cylinder ParabolicCylinder
Struve Struve
Zeta (Riemann) Zeta
Free Analysis Memory FreeAnalysisMem
Get Error String GetAnalysisErrorString


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