int CNVFlushAllConnections (int waitTime);


Flushes the internal buffers of all connections in your program. This function is useful when you are using a buffered writer connection and you want to force a write at a particular point in time, for example, when you have no additional data to send. The internal buffers are automatically flushed once every 10 milliseconds. This timing is reset when you call this function.

If you are using a non-buffered writer connection, you can flush internal buffers using the CNVFlushOnWriteAttribute attribute.

Note Note  To avoid deadlocks, do not call this function in a network variable callback function.


Name Type Description
waitTime int Number of milliseconds the library waits for this operation to complete. Pass CNVWaitForever to wait indefinitely. Pass CNVDoNotWait to return without waiting.

Return Value

Name Type Description
status int Return value indicating whether the function was successful. One indicates that a next item was found, zero indicates that a next item was not found, and a negative number indicates that an error occurred.

You can call CNVGetErrorDescription to obtain a string that describes the error.

Additional Information

Library: Network Variable Library

Include file: cvinetv.h

LabWindows/CVI compatibility: LabWindows/CVI 9.0 and later


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