int SetEnableResourceTracking (int newState);


Enables and disables resource trackingresource tracking in the current thread.

Note Note   This function is available only in the LabWindows/CVI Full Development SystemLabWindows/CVI Full Development System.

Resource tracking is available at both the extended and standard debugging levels. When you enable resource tracking, LabWindows/CVI tracks resources such as memory blocks, file handles, and panel handles that you allocate in your program. Selecting Extended as the Debugging level in the Debugging Options section of the Build OptionsBuild Options dialog box enables resource tracking by default. LabWindows/CVI displays currently allocated and recently released resources in the Resource TrackingResource Tracking window. If you select Standard as the Debugging level in the Build Options dialog box, you must use this function to enable resource tracking. You also can use the GetEnabledResourceTracking function to detect whether resource tracking is enabled.

Note Note  (RT) On RT targets, leaked resources persist until you reboot the target. However, the Resource Tracking window displays only leaked resources from the most recent program execution.

Display the Resource Tracking window by selecting Resource Tracking in the Window menu.

(Linux) This function is not supported.


Name Type Description
newState int Specifies the new resource tracking state.

Specify a nonzero value or select Enabled in the function panel to enable resource tracking.

Specify 0 or select Disable in the function panel to disable resource tracking.

Return Value

Name Type Description
previousState int Indicates if resource tracking was enabled previously.

Code Description
1 Previously enabled.
0 Previously disabled or not available.

Additional Information

Library: Utility Library

Include file: utility.h

LabWindows/CVI compatibility: LabWindows/CVI 9.0 and later


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