ActiveX Controls Overview

(Linux) ActiveX controls are not supported.

ActiveX controls are components external to LabWindows/CVI, which can be used in much the same way as built-in LabWindows/CVI controls. ActiveX controls vary in the functionality that they provide. For example, an ActiveX control might be used to store and manipulate different types of data, for word processing and report generation, for mathematical calculations, or to access the internet.

Most ActiveX controls include documentation describing their features and the details of how to access their functionality.

Note Note  If you develop an application that uses Excel as an ActiveX control on a LabWindows/CVI user interface panel, make sure that a separate instance of Excel is not running simultaneously. Otherwise, programmatic calls to the Excel control might not work as expected after the separate Excel application terminates.

The following figure consists of a sampling of different ActiveX controls.

ActiveX Control

Operating ActiveX Controls

Programming ActiveX Controls

ActiveX Control Attributes

ActiveX Control Functions

ActiveX Control Events


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