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Edition Date: May 2017

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As a user or program sizes a panel, LabWindows/CVI generates an EVENT_PANEL_SIZING event and sends the event to the callback function associated with the panel.

This event is not swallowable; however, you can use eventData2 to restrict the size or position of the panel.

Note  Consider the following caveats when using this event:

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Event Data Parameters

eventData1 = The edge of the panel that the user is sizing, such as PANEL_SIZING_TOPLEFT, PANEL_SIZING_TOP, PANEL_SIZING_BOTTOM, and so on.

eventData2 = Value that the user passes into GetPanelEventRect to extract a Rect structure containing the new size and position of the panel. Call SetPanelEventRect on eventData2 to force the panel to a different size or position.

LabWindows/CVI Compatibility

LabWindows/CVI 8.1 and later


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