Function Tree, User Interface Library

Class/Panel Name Function Name
Load Panel LoadPanel
Load Panel (Extended) LoadPanelEx
New Panel NewPanel
Discard Panel DiscardPanel
Duplicate Panel DuplicatePanel
Duplicate Panel Tree DuplicatePanelTree
Display Panel DisplayPanel
Hide Panel HidePanel
Get Active Panel GetActivePanel
Set Active Panel SetActivePanel
Validate Panel ValidatePanel
Default Panel DefaultPanel
Save Panel State SavePanelState
Recall Panel State RecallPanelState
Get Panel Attribute GetPanelAttribute
Set Panel Attribute SetPanelAttribute
Set Panel Size SetPanelSize
Set Panel Position SetPanelPos
Set Panel Character Set SetPanelCharacterSet
Menu Structures
Menu Bars
Load Menu Bar LoadMenuBar
Load Menu Bar (Extended) LoadMenuBarEx
New Menu Bar NewMenuBar
Discard Menu Bar DiscardMenuBar
Set Panel Menu Bar SetPanelMenuBar
Get Panel Menu Bar GetPanelMenuBar
Get Menu Bar Attribute GetMenuBarAttribute
Set Menu Bar Attribute SetMenuBarAttribute
Empty Menu Bar EmptyMenuBar
Get Shared Menu Bar Event Panel GetSharedMenuBarEventPanel
Menus and Submenus
New Menu NewMenu
Discard Menu DiscardMenu
Empty Menu EmptyMenu
New SubMenu NewSubMenu
Discard SubMenu DiscardSubMenu
Run Pop-Up Menu RunPopupMenu
Menu Items
New Menu Item NewMenuItem
Discard Menu Item DiscardMenuItem
Insert Separator InsertSeparator
Control Menus
New Control Menu Item NewCtrlMenuItem
Discard Control Menu Item DiscardCtrlMenuItem
New Control Menu Separator NewCtrlMenuSeparator
Hide Built-In Control Menu Item HideBuiltInCtrlMenuItem
Show Built-In Control Menu Item ShowBuiltInCtrlMenuItem
Get Control Menu Attribute GetCtrlMenuAttribute
Set Control Menu Attribute SetCtrlMenuAttribute
Controls/Graphs/Strip Charts
General Functions
New Control NewCtrl
Duplicate Control DuplicateCtrl
Discard Control DiscardCtrl
Get Active Control GetActiveCtrl
Set Active Control SetActiveCtrl
Default Control Value DefaultCtrl
Get Control Value GetCtrlVal
Set Control Value SetCtrlVal
Get Control Attribute GetCtrlAttribute
Set Control Attribute SetCtrlAttribute
Get Control Bounding Rectangle GetCtrlBoundingRect
List/Tree (Label/Value) Controls
Insert List Item InsertListItem
Replace List Item ReplaceListItem
Delete List Item DeleteListItem
Get Value From Index GetValueFromIndex
Get Value Length From Index GetValueLengthFromIndex
Get Index From Value GetIndexFromValue
Get Control Index GetCtrlIndex
Set Control Index SetCtrlIndex
Clear List Control ClearListCtrl
Get Number of List Items GetNumListItems
Get List Item Image GetListItemImage
Set List Item Image SetListItemImage
Get Label From Index GetLabelFromIndex
Get Label Length From Index GetLabelLengthFromIndex
Is List Item Checked IsListItemChecked
Check List Item CheckListItem
Get Number of Checked Items GetNumCheckedItems
Get Index From Point GetIndexFromPoint
Menu Rings
Get Ring Item Attribute GetRingItemAttribute
Set Ring Item Attribute SetRingItemAttribute
Insert Tree Item InsertTreeItem
Move Tree Item MoveTreeItem
Copy Tree Item CopyTreeItem
Add Tree Image AddTreeImage
Get Number of Tree Items GetNumTreeItems
Get Tree Item GetTreeItem
Get Tree Item From Label GetTreeItemFromLabel
Get Tree Item From Value GetTreeItemFromValue
Get Tree Item Tag GetTreeItemTag
Get Tree Item From Tag GetTreeItemFromTag
Get Tree Item Parent GetTreeItemParent
Get Tree Item Number of Children GetTreeItemNumChildren
Get Tree Item Number of Descendents GetTreeItemNumDescendents
Get Tree Item Level GetTreeItemLevel
Is Tree Item Exposed IsTreeItemExposed
Are Tree Items Related AreTreeItemsRelated
Get Active Tree Item GetActiveTreeItem
Set Active Tree Item SetActiveTreeItem
Make Tree Item Visible MakeTreeItemVisible
Get Tree Item Attribute GetTreeItemAttribute
Set Tree Item Attribute SetTreeItemAttribute
Get Tree Item Path Length GetTreeItemPathLength
Get Tree Item Path GetTreeItemPath
Insert Tree Column InsertTreeColumn
Delete Tree Column DeleteTreeColumn
Get Number of Tree Columns GetNumTreeColumns
Get Tree Column Attribute GetTreeColumnAttribute
Set Tree Column Attribute SetTreeColumnAttribute
Get Tree Cell Attribute GetTreeCellAttribute
Set Tree Cell Attribute SetTreeCellAttribute
Set Table Column Width To Widest Cell Contents SetColumnWidthToWidestCellContents
Sort Tree Items SortTreeItems
Get Active Tree Cell GetActiveTreeCell
Get Number of Tree Cell Ring Items GetNumTreeCellRingItems
Insert Tree Cell Ring Item InsertTreeCellRingItem
Delete Tree Cell Ring Items DeleteTreeCellRingItems
Get Tree Cell Ring Index From Value GetTreeCellRingIndexFromValue
Get Tree Cell Ring Value From Index GetTreeCellRingValueFromIndex
Get Tree Cell Ring Value Length From Index GetTreeCellRingValueLengthFromIndex
Set Tree Cell Ring Value From Index SetTreeCellRingValueFromIndex
Get Tree Cell Ring Item Attribute GetTreeCellRingItemAttribute
Set Tree Cell Ring Item Attribute SetTreeCellRingItemAttribute
Text Boxes
Insert Text Box Line InsertTextBoxLine
Replace Text Box Line ReplaceTextBoxLine
Delete Text Box Line DeleteTextBoxLine
Delete Text Box Lines DeleteTextBoxLines
Get Number of Text Box Lines GetNumTextBoxLines
Reset Text Box ResetTextBox
Get Text Box Line GetTextBoxLine
Get Text Box Line Length GetTextBoxLineLength
Get Text Box Line Offset GetTextBoxLineOffset
Get Text Box Line From Offset GetTextBoxLineIndexFromOffset
Set Text Control Height SetTextCtrlHeight
Graphs and Strip Charts
Graph Plotting and Deleting
Plot X PlotX
Plot Y PlotY
Plot X-Y PlotXY
Plot Waveform PlotWaveform
Plot Point PlotPoint
Plot Text PlotText
Plot Line PlotLine
Plot Rectangle PlotRectangle
Plot Polygon PlotPolygon
Plot Oval PlotOval
Plot Arc PlotArc
Plot Intensity PlotIntensity
Plot Scaled Intensity PlotScaledIntensity
Plot Bitmap PlotBitmap
Delete Graph Plot DeleteGraphPlot
Get Plot Attribute GetPlotAttribute
Set Plot Attribute SetPlotAttribute
Refresh Graph RefreshGraph
Graph Cursors
Get Graph Cursor GetGraphCursor
Set Graph Cursor SetGraphCursor
Get Active Graph Cursor GetActiveGraphCursor
Set Active Graph Cursor SetActiveGraphCursor
Get Graph Cursor Index GetGraphCursorIndex
Set Graph Cursor Index SetGraphCursorIndex
Get Cursor Attribute GetCursorAttribute
Set Cursor Attribute SetCursorAttribute
Graph Annotations
Add Graph Annotation AddGraphAnnotation
Delete Graph Annotation DeleteGraphAnnotation
Get Annotation Index from Caption GetAnnotationIndexFromCaption
Get Annotation Attribute GetAnnotationAttribute
Set Annotation Attribute SetAnnotationAttribute
Graph Legend
Clear Legend ClearLegend
Get Legend Item from Point GetLegendItemFromPoint
Get Number of Legend Items GetNumLegendItems
Strip Chart Traces
Plot Strip Chart PlotStripChart
Plot Strip Chart Point PlotStripChartPoint
Clear Strip Chart ClearStripChart
Get Trace Attribute GetTraceAttribute
Set Trace Attribute SetTraceAttribute
Set Trace Attribute (Extended) SetTraceAttributeEx
Digital Waveform Graph Plotting
Clear Digital Graph ClearDigitalGraph
Plot Digital Lines PlotDigitalLines
Plot Digital Lines Multiple Buses PlotDigitalLinesMultiBus
Plot Packed Digital Lines PlotPackedDigitalLines
Plot Packed Digital Lines Multiple Buses PlotPackedDigitalLinesMultiBus
Axis Scaling
Get Axis Scaling Mode GetAxisScalingMode
Set Axis Scaling Mode SetAxisScalingMode
Get Axis Range GetAxisRange
Set Axis Range SetAxisRange
Axis Label Strings
Insert Axis Item InsertAxisItem
Replace Axis Item ReplaceAxisItem
Delete Axis Item DeleteAxisItem
Clear Axis Items ClearAxisItems
Get Number of Axis Items GetNumAxisItems
Get Axis Item Label and Value GetAxisItem
Get Axis Item Label Length GetAxisItemLabelLength
Date/Time Axis Formatting
Set Axis Date/Time Format SetAxisTimeFormat
Get Axis Date/Time Format GetAxisTimeFormat
Get Graph Coordinates From Point GetGraphCoordsFromPoint
Display Image File DisplayImageFile
Delete Image DeleteImage
Get Image Info GetImageInfo
Get Image Bits GetImageBits
Set Image Bits SetImageBits
Alloc Image Bits AllocImageBits
Draw Point CanvasDrawPoint
Draw Line CanvasDrawLine
Draw Line To CanvasDrawLineTo
Draw Rectangle CanvasDrawRect
Dim Rectangle CanvasDimRect
Draw Rounded Rectangle CanvasDrawRoundedRect
Draw Oval CanvasDrawOval
Draw Arc CanvasDrawArc
Draw Poly CanvasDrawPoly
Draw Text in Rectangle CanvasDrawText
Draw Text at Point CanvasDrawTextAtPoint
Draw Bitmap CanvasDrawBitmap
Scroll CanvasScroll
Invert Rectangle CanvasInvertRect
Clear CanvasClear
Batch Drawing
Start Batch Drawing CanvasStartBatchDraw
End Batch Drawing CanvasEndBatchDraw
Set Pen Position CanvasSetPenPosition
Get Pen Position CanvasGetPenPosition
Set Pen Attributes To Defaults CanvasDefaultPen
Set Clipping Rectangle CanvasSetClipRect
Get Clipping Rectangle CanvasGetClipRect
Accessing Pixel Values
Get a Single Pixel Value CanvasGetPixel
Get Pixel Values CanvasGetPixels
Update Canvas CanvasUpdate
Reset Timer ResetTimer
Suspend Timer Callbacks SuspendTimerCallbacks
Resume Timer Callbacks ResumeTimerCallbacks
Get Timer Tick Data GetTimerTickData
Insert Table Rows InsertTableRows
Insert Table Columns InsertTableColumns
Delete Table Rows DeleteTableRows
Delete Table Columns DeleteTableColumns
Get Number of Table Rows GetNumTableRows
Get Number of Table Columns GetNumTableColumns
Get Active Table Cell GetActiveTableCell
Set Active Table Cell SetActiveTableCell
Get Table Selection GetTableSelection
Set Table Selection SetTableSelection
Get Table Row Attribute GetTableRowAttribute
Set Table Row Attribute SetTableRowAttribute
Get Table Column Attribute GetTableColumnAttribute
Set Table Column Attribute SetTableColumnAttribute
Get Table Cell Attribute GetTableCellAttribute
Set Table Cell Attribute SetTableCellAttribute
Set Table Cell Range Attribute SetTableCellRangeAttribute
Get Table Cell From Value GetTableCellFromValue
Get Table Row From Label GetTableRowFromLabel
Get Table Column From Label GetTableColumnFromLabel
Get Table Cell From Point GetTableCellFromPoint
Get Table Cell Range Rect GetTableCellRangeRect
Get Table Cell Value GetTableCellVal
Set Table Cell Value SetTableCellVal
Get Table Cell Range Values GetTableCellRangeVals
Set Table Cell Range Values SetTableCellRangeVals
Fill Table Cell Range FillTableCellRange
Get Table Cell Value Length GetTableCellValLength
Free Table Value Strings FreeTableValStrings
Sort Table Cells SortTableCells
Set Row Height To Tallest Cell Contents SetRowHeightToTallestCellContents
Set Tree Column Width To Widest Cell Contents SetColumnWidthToWidestCellContents
Get Number of Table Cell Ring Items GetNumTableCellRingItems
Insert Table Cell Ring Item InsertTableCellRingItem
Insert Table Cell Range Ring Item InsertTableCellRangeRingItem
Delete Table Cell Ring Items DeleteTableCellRingItems
Delete Table Cell Range Ring Items DeleteTableCellRangeRingItems
Get Table Cell Ring Index From Value GetTableCellRingIndexFromValue
Get Table Cell Ring Value From Index GetTableCellRingValueFromIndex
Get Table Cell Ring Value Length From Index GetTableCellRingValueLengthFromIndex
Set Table Cell Value From Index SetTableCellValFromIndex
Get Table Cell Ring Item Attribute GetTableCellRingItemAttribute
Set Table Cell Ring Item Attribute SetTableCellRingItemAttribute
Add Control to Splitter AddCtrlToSplitter
Add Panel to Splitter AddPanelToSplitter
Remove Control from Splitter RemoveCtrlFromSplitter
Remove Panel from Splitter RemovePanelFromSplitter
Operate Splitter OperateSplitter
Insert Tab Page InsertTabPage
Insert Panel As Tab Page InsertPanelAsTabPage
Copy Tab Page CopyTabPage
Move Tab Page MoveTabPage
Delete Tab Page DeleteTabPage
Get Panel Handle From Tab Page GetPanelHandleFromTabPage
Get Number of Tab Pages GetNumTabPages
Get Active Tab Page GetActiveTabPage
Set Active Tab Page SetActiveTabPage
Get Tab Page Attribute GetTabPageAttribute
Set Tab Page Attribute SetTabPageAttribute
Get Tab Page From Point GetTabPageFromPoint
ActiveX Controls
New ActiveX Control NewActiveXCtrl
New ActiveX Control From File NewActiveXCtrlFromFile
Get ObjHandle From ActiveX Ctrl GetObjHandleFromActiveXCtrl
Get ActiveX Ctrl From ObjHandle GetActiveXCtrlFromObjHandle
Data Binding Functions
Bind Control DSBindCtrl
Bind Plot DSBindPlot
Bind Table Cell Range DSBindTableCellRange
Unbind DSUnbind
Get Bound Plot ID DSGetBoundPlotID
Color Ramps
Set Numeric Color Ramp SetNumericColorRamp
Get Numeric Color Ramp GetNumericColorRamp
Discard Color Ramp DiscardNumericColorRamp
Control Arrays
New Control Array NewCtrlArray
Get Control Array From Resource ID GetCtrlArrayFromResourceID
Discard Control Array DiscardCtrlArray
Insert Control Array Item InsertCtrlArrayItem
Delete Control Array Item DeleteCtrlArrayItem
Clear Control Array ClearCtrlArray
Get Control Array Item GetCtrlArrayItem
Get Number of Control Array Items GetNumCtrlArrayItems
Get Control Array Index GetCtrlArrayIndex
Get Control Array Panel GetCtrlArrayPanel
Move Control Array MoveCtrlArray
Get Control Array Bounding Rect GetCtrlArrayBoundingRect
Set Control Array Value SetCtrlArrayVal
Set Control Array Attribute SetCtrlArrayAttribute
Pop-up Panels
Install Popup InstallPopup
Remove Popup RemovePopup
Message/Prompt Popups
Message Popup MessagePopup
Confirm Popup ConfirmPopup
Prompt Popup PromptPopup
Generic Message GenericMessagePopup
File/Directory Popups
File Select Popup FileSelectPopup
File Select Popup (Extended) FileSelectPopupEx
Multifile Select Popup MultiFileSelectPopup
Multifile Select Popup (Extended) MultiFileSelectPopupEx
Directory Select Popup DirSelectPopup
Directory Select Popup (Extended) DirSelectPopupEx
Add to File Popup Dir History AddToFilePopupDirHistory
Get File Popup Dir History GetFilePopupDirHistory
Clear File Popup Dir History ClearFilePopupDirHistory
Graph Popups
X Graph Popup XGraphPopup
Y Graph Popup YGraphPopup
X-Y Graph Popup XYGraphPopup
Waveform Graph Popup WaveformGraphPopup
Font Popups
Font Select Popup FontSelectPopup
Font Select Popup (Extended) FontSelectPopupEx
Set Font Select Popup Defaults SetFontPopupDefaults
Set Font Select Popup Defaults (Extended) SetFontPopupDefaultsEx
Get System Popups Attribute GetSystemPopupsAttribute
Set System Popups Attribute SetSystemPopupsAttribute
Event Functions
Is KeyPress Event a Lead Byte KeyPressEventIsLeadByte
Is KeyPress Event a Trail Byte KeyPressEventIsTrailByte
Get Key Press Event Virtual Key GetKeyPressEventVirtualKey
Get Key Press Event Character GetKeyPressEventCharacter
Get Key Press Event Modifiers GetKeyPressEventModifiers
Set Key Press Event Key SetKeyPressEventKey
Get Panel Event Rect GetPanelEventRect
Set Panel Event Rect SetPanelEventRect
Callback Functions
Install Main Callback InstallMainCallback
Install Control Callback InstallCtrlCallback
Install Panel Callback InstallPanelCallback
Install Menu Callback InstallMenuCallback
Install Menu Dimmer Callback InstallMenuDimmerCallback
Post Deferred Call PostDeferredCall
Post Deferred Call to Thread PostDeferredCallToThread
Windows Interrupt Support
Register Windows Msg Callback RegisterWinMsgCallback
Unregister Windows Msg Callback UnRegisterWinMsgCallback
Get CVI Window Handle GetCVIWindowHandle
Get CVI Window Handle for Curr Thread GetCVIWindowHandleForCurrThread
User Interface Management
Run User Interface RunUserInterface
Quit User Interface QuitUserInterface
Get User Event GetUserEvent
Set Input Mode SetInputMode
Process Draw Events ProcessDrawEvents
Process System Events ProcessSystemEvents
Queue User Event QueueUserEvent
Set Idle Event Rate SetIdleEventRate
Fake Keystroke FakeKeystroke
Get Sleep Policy GetSleepPolicy
Set Sleep Policy SetSleepPolicy
Get Print Attribute GetPrintAttribute
Set Print Attribute SetPrintAttribute
Print Control PrintCtrl
Print Panel PrintPanel
Print Text File PrintTextFile
Print Text Buffer PrintTextBuffer
Mouse and Cursor
Get Wait Cursor GetWaitCursorState
Set Wait Cursor SetWaitCursor
Get Mouse Cursor GetMouseCursor
Set Mouse Cursor SetMouseCursor
Get Global Mouse State GetGlobalMouseState
Get Relative Mouse State GetRelativeMouseState
Rectangles and Points
Creating and Modifying
Make Rect MakeRect
Set Rect Coordinates RectSet
Set Rect Coords From Points RectSetFromPoints
Set Bottom Edge of Rect RectSetBottom
Set Right Edge of Rect RectSetRight
Set Center Point of Rect RectSetCenter
Offset Rect RectOffset
Move Rect RectMove
Grow (or Shrink) Rect RectGrow
Make Point MakePoint
Set Point Coordinates PointSet
Retrieving and Comparing Values
Get Rect Bottom RectBottom
Get Rect Right RectRight
Get Rect Center RectCenter
Are Rects Equal? RectEqual
Is Rect Empty? RectEmpty
Does Rect Contain Point? RectContainsPoint
Does Rect Contain Rect? RectContainsRect
Are Rects the Same Size? RectSameSize
Calculate Rect Union RectUnion
Calculate Rect Intersection RectIntersection
Are Points Equal? PointEqual
Calculate Point Pinned to Rect PointPinnedToRect
Create New Bitmap NewBitmap
Create New Bitmap (Extended) NewBitmapEx
Get Bitmap From File GetBitmapFromFile
Get Number of Images In File GetNumImagesInFile
Get Bitmap From File (Extended) GetBitmapFromFileEx
Save Bitmap to BMP File SaveBitmapToBMPFile
Save Bitmap to JPEG File SaveBitmapToJPEGFile
Save Bitmap to PNG File SaveBitmapToPNGFile
Save Bitmap to TIFF File SaveBitmapToTIFFile
Get Bitmap From Control GetCtrlBitmap
Get Control Display Bitmap GetCtrlDisplayBitmap
Get Scaled Control Bitmap GetScaledCtrlDisplayBitmap
Get Panel Display Bitmap GetPanelDisplayBitmap
Get Scaled Panel Bitmap GetScaledPanelDisplayBitmap
Get Bitmap Info GetBitmapInfo
Get Bitmap Info (Extended) GetBitmapInfoEx
Get Bitmap Data GetBitmapData
Get Bitmap Data (Extended) GetBitmapDataEx
Set Bitmap Data SetBitmapData
Set Bitmap Data (Extended) SetBitmapDataEx
Alloc Bitmap Data AllocBitmapData
Alloc Bitmap Data (Extended) AllocBitmapDataEx
Set Control Bitmap SetCtrlBitmap
Duplicate Bitmap DuplicateBitmap
Discard Bitmap DiscardBitmap
Get Text from Clipboard ClipboardGetText
Put Text on Clipboard ClipboardPutText
Get Bitmap from Clipboard ClipboardGetBitmap
Put Bitmap on Clipboard ClipboardPutBitmap
Get Table Values from Clipboard ClipboardGetTableVals
Put Table Values on Clipboard ClipboardPutTableVals
Time Related Functions
Format Date/Time String FormatDateTimeString
Make Date/Time MakeDateTime
Get Current Date/Time GetCurrentDateTime
Get Date/Time Elements GetDateTimeElements
Make Color MakeColor
Get 3d Border Colors Get3dBorderColors
Create Meta Font CreateMetaFont
Create Meta Font (Extended) CreateMetaFontEx
Create Meta Font With Character Set CreateMetaFontWithCharacterSet
Get Font Typeface Name Length GetFontTypefaceNameLength
Get Font Typeface Name GetFontTypefaceName
Get Real Font Typeface Name Length GetRealFontTypefaceNameLength
Get Real Font Typeface Name GetRealFontTypefaceName
Get Text Display Size GetTextDisplaySize
Get Screen Size GetScreenSize
Get System Attribute GetSystemAttribute
Set System Attribute SetSystemAttribute
Make Application Active MakeApplicationActive
Minimize All Windows MinimizeAllWindows
LW DOS Compatibility Functions
Configure Printer ConfigurePrinter
Display PCX File DisplayPCXFile
DOS Color to RGB DOSColorToRGB
DOS Compatibility Window DOSCompatWindow
Get Monitor Attribute GetMonitorAttribute
Get Monitor From Point GetMonitorFromPoint
Get Monitor From Rect GetMonitorFromRect
Get Monitor From Panel GetMonitorFromPanel
Get Error String GetUILErrorString


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