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Edition Date: May 2017

Part Number: 370051AG-01

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LabWindows/CVI 2017 Help

The Build item builds the project and all of its dependencies according to the options you specify in the Build»Target Type and Build»Configuration submenus.

You can specify the filename of the executable, as well as other executable settings, in the Target Settings dialog box. You can set other creation and build options in the Build Options dialog box.


To debug the executable you create with this command, select Run»Debug in a Workspace, Source, Variables and Call Stack, or Watch window.


When you build a dynamic link library, LabWindows/CVI also generates a DLL import library for the DLL.

Static Libraries

If you include a .lib file in a static library project, LabWindows/CVI includes all object modules from the .lib in the static library. This process differs from creating an executable or DLL, in which LabWindows/CVI includes only the .lib modules that other modules in the project reference. In addition, LabWindows/CVI reports an error if you attempt to build a static library when you have a DLL import library in your project.


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