How LabWindows/CVI Builds a Windows Installer

LabWindows/CVI uses the standard Microsoft Windows Installer technology (MSI) to create a compressed database that includes everything that must be installed and tracked on the target machine. Refer to for more information about this technology. LabWindows/CVI creates a single .msi file for all application files, registry keys, shortcuts, third-party merge modules, and so on. This .msi file installs the application on the target machine.

Note  LabWindows/CVI creates the .msi file under the Volume1\bin\dp folder in the installer output directory. Use this .msi database to do any necessary post-build processing with standard installer editing tools, such as the Microsoft Orca database editor.

An installer will not downgrade an NI product. If you have one version of an NI product installed on the build computer and a higher version of that product installed on the target computer, the installer does not replace the higher version of the product with the version from the build computer.

A distribution is comprised of all the .msi files that contain the application and supporting NI products, as well as any additional licenses and support files. These files are connected through a single user interface and setup.exe file.


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