Creating Patches for Distributions

Use a distribution patch to make minor updates to an existing distribution installation. Unlike a full distribution build that includes every file and driver needed for the application, a patch contains only the files and drivers that need to be updated. Because of this, a patch can be significantly smaller and more convenient to distribute. When you create a patch, you select a specific, existing build of the distribution that you want to update; the built patch applies only to that specific version of the distribution.

Patches do not use versioned revisions. If you need to make modifications to an already released patch, you can create a new patch and specify a prerequisite patch. The installer for the new patch will run only on a target computer if the prerequisite patch was previously installed.

When you create a patch, you can automatically include files that have been updated since you built the distribution.

Note Note  You can create a patch only for distributions built with LabWindows/CVI 2010 and later. However, you can rebuild a distribution built in a previous version of LabWindows/CVI using LabWindows/CVI 2010 and later and then create a patch for that distribution.

Complete the following steps to create a patch:

  1. Select Windows Installer Patch as the Type option in the New Distribution dialog box and click OK.
  2. In the Initial Patch Setup dialog box, browse to the folder that contains the .id file of the distribution build that you want the patch to update and click OK.
  3. Make modifications in the Edit Installer dialog box. The Edit Installer dialog box for patches differs from the Edit Installer dialog box for complete distributions. However, you can specify most of the same options in a patch that you specify in a distribution. For example, you can include new files and modify and add registry keys.

    By default, the patch includes only files that have been modified since the build of the distribution you are patching. You can add or remove files in the Files tab of the Edit Installer dialog box.


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