Distribution Overview

A LabWindows/CVI distribution packages a LabWindows/CVI application for installation and use on another computer. Distributions can include run-time support for the functions you use to create the application. If you include this run-time support in a distribution, it is not necessary that LabWindows/CVI be installed on the machine on which you install the application.

LabWindows/CVI currently supports the Microsoft Windows Installer (.msi) distribution technology. The Windows Installer technology packages all built libraries and executables along with any necessary files, drivers, and registry keys into a complete installer that can be run in a single operation on the target machine. Windows installers include versioning information, which enforces correct behavior when performing upgrades, repairs, or reinstallations, and also provide a familiar, professional install-time user interface.

LabWindows/CVI Distribution Features

A LabWindows/CVI distribution includes the following features:

  • Includes drivers for NI products.
  • Includes files from multiple projects. You also can associate multiple distributions with a workspace.
  • Copies settings from an existing distribution to a new distribution. You can use this feature to quickly create variations on an installation package or create side-by-side installations of the same application.
  • Creates patches for existing distributions.
  • Adds custom and third-party merge modules (.msm files) to an installer.
  • Adds custom readme and license information, which the installer displays at run time. The user must accept the license agreement to continue the installation.
  • Creates shortcuts or registry keys that the application requires at install time.
  • Provides a simple view of the directory structure on the target machine. You can use this to view where files will be installed during installation.
  • Updates automatically to reflect changes in project dependencies or target settings.
  • Provides an upgrade path for the application.
  • Includes a signing certificate to sign your installer.
  • Installs legal information in the following locations on the target computer: <National Instruments>\_Legal Information and <National Instruments>\CVI<version>\_Legal Information. Refer to the Copyright topic for more information.

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