Edit Installer Dialog Box - Drivers & Components Tab

Use the Drivers & Components tab of the Edit Installer dialog box to specify what drivers and components the installer application installs.

Note Note  The Drivers & Components tab for complete distributions differs from the Drivers & Components tab for patches.

The Drivers & Components tab includes the following options:

The Drivers & Components tab contains a tree on the left that lists all drivers and components on the system that you can include in the installer. When you select an item in the tree, LabWindows/CVI displays a description of it in the Selected Component section of the tab. Note that components may also depend on other support components that do not appear in the list. The following table displays icons that appear in the tree.

Component selected for inclusion in the installer.
Dependency of a selected component. The dependency is included in the installer.
(Patches) A partial mark also shows available upgrades in patch distributions if Include driver updates is enabled. The Include driver updates option is available only in patches.
Soft dependency of a component. If you select the parent component, this icon changes to a checkmark and the soft dependency is included in the installer. You can choose to omit a soft dependency from the installer.
Note Note  For more information about soft dependencies in LabWindows/CVI installers, refer to the National Instruments Dependencies in LabWindows/CVI Installers topic.

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