Use the Create»Instrument command to create a new function tree. When you select Instrument, the Create Instrument Node dialog box appears. Enter the following information:

  • The name of the instrument (up to 40 characters).
  • The prefix that you want LabWindows/CVI to add to the beginning of each function name. The prefix cannot exceed eight characters if you are using 5.0.1 or earlier as the default format; the prefix can use up to 31 characters for instrument drivers using 5.5 and later as the default format. Do not include the underscore (_) separator in your prefix. LabWindows/CVI adds an underscore (_) separator to the prefix before appending the function name to it.
  • The default qualifier that provides information to LabWindows/CVI about access options and conventions. LabWindows/CVI uses this qualifier for all functions in the instrument driver unless a function specifies a different qualifier. This option is not available if you select the CVI 5.0.1 and later option as the Default Format for New Files in the FP File Format dialog box.

    Example: Many instrument drivers use the _VI_FUNC macro as the function qualifier. The _VI_FUNC macro is defined in the visatype.h include file. The definition of the _VI_FUNC macro varies based on the target operating system and application development environment.

The Create Class or Function Panel Window line appears beneath the instrument name. Add functions and classes to the function tree using the Create»Function and Class commands.


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