Instrument Driver Development Wizard - Error Query

The Error Query panel of the Instrument Driver Development Wizard contains the following options:

  • Error Query Command—Enter the instrument error query command.

    Example: :SYST:ERR?
  • Error Query Response Contents—Select the expected data format in the instrument response buffer. Instruments typically return data in one of three formats. These formats are code only, string only, and string and code. If the instrument does not return data in one of these formats, select Custom and enter the custom format string in Format String.

    Note A custom format string cannot be applied to the data returned by the instrument during the tests run by the wizard. The data is shown exactly as returned by the instrument.
  • Format Choices—Select the format of the expected response to the current command.
  • Format String—This control shows the format string that will be applied to the response buffer. To enter a custom format string, select Custom in Error Query Response Contents.


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