Instrument Driver Development Wizard - General Information

The General Information panel of the Instrument Driver Development Wizard contains the following options:

  • Instrument Name—Enter a short description of the instrument, including vendor and model name. Users see this name when they select the driver from the Instrument menu or the Instruments folder in the Library Tree.

    Example: National Instruments 123 Oscilloscope
  • Instrument Prefix—Enter a string that uniquely describes the instrument. The prefix should consist of a two-character vendor code followed by non-white space characters that uniquely identify the driver. You can find a list of these two-character vendor codes in the VXIplug&play specification VPP-9:Instrument Vendor Abbreviations.

    This string will prefix all external function names, attribute IDs, and value definitions. The instrument prefix also will be the base name of the generated driver files. Although the maximum length is 31 characters, NI recommends that the prefix be relatively short.

    Example 1: For a National Instruments 123 DMM, the prefix can be "ni123".

    Example 2: For the 3000 series Tektronix oscilloscopes, the prefix can be "tk30xx".
  • Name—Enter the name of the instrument driver developer.
  • Phone—Enter the phone number of the developer or company.
  • Company—Enter the company name.
  • Fax—Enter the fax number of the developer or the company.
  • Target Directory—Enter the target directory. The driver files will be generated into this directory.
  • Browse—Click to browse for a target directory.


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