Instrument Driver Development Wizard - Revision

The Revision panel of the Instrument Driver Development Wizard contains the following options:

  • Revision Command—Enter the instrument firmware revision query.

    Example: *IDN?
  • Format Choices—Enter the format string for the firmware revision query response. The format string should return an output of only the firmware revision. You may need to have other modifiers in the string but you must discard the modifiers within the format string.

    For example, %*[^,],%[^\n] will discard the beginning string and output the second string as the firmware revision query response. The wizard provides some of the common response formats. If the instrument does not return data in one of these formats, select Custom and enter the custom format string in the Format String.

    Example: To format a SCPI response like "National Instruments,123,000000,V1.1" where V1.1 is the firmware revision, use the following:


    The first 3 strings will be discarded by the * modifier.
  • Format String—Shows the format string that will be applied to the response buffer. To enter a custom format string, select Custom in Format Choices.


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