Edit»Add Files to Project

Use the Add Files to Project command to add any type of file to the active project list. Choose any one of the file types listed in the menu to open the Add Files to Project dialog box and then select a file from the dialog box.

Use the Source, Object, and Library commands to add code modules to your project.

An import library (.lib) file must accompany each DLL. If you want to use a DLL in your project, you must include the import library rather than the DLL.

For more information about using DLLs in LabWindows/CVI, refer to Compiler/Linker Issues.

Use the Include command to add header files to your project. Including header files in your project makes it easier to access to header files.

Use the User Interface command to add .uir files to your project. You can include .uir files in your project to make it easier to access the files.

Use the Instrument command to add instrument drivers to your project. Instrument drivers that LabWindows/CVI loads through the project remain in memory while the project is open.

Use the All Files command to add any file to your project.


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