Status Bar for the Confined Source Window

The confined Source window contains a status bar that displays the status of various aspects of the file.


1  Miscellaneous messages   3  Line/total lines   5  Status messages   7  Source code control   9  Text selection mode   11  Configuration  
2  Target   4  Column   6  Save   8  Edit status   10  Insert/overwrite/search  

  • Miscellaneous messages—Displays various LabWindows/CVI messages.
  • Target—Displays the target name and/or IP address when you select a remote execution target or a real-time target.
  • Line/total lines—Displays the line of code where the cursor is located currently and the total number of lines in the file. You can double-click this indicator to open the Line dialog box. Use the Line dialog box to jump to specific lines of code in the source file.
  • Column—Displays the column where the cursor is located currently.
  • Status messages—Displays various status messages such as whether you are recording a macro or pausing the recording, the range of lines selected, and so on.
  • Save—Displays the disk icon to indicate the file contains unsaved changes. Double-click the icon to save the file. If there are no unsaved changes, the field is empty.
  • Source code control—Displays a box if the file is in a source code control system but not checked out. Displays a box with a checkmark, if the file is checked out. If the file is not in a source code system, the field is empty. If the file is in a source code system and this field displays an icon, double-click the icon to launch a Select Files dialog box.
  • Edit status—Displays the lock icon to indicate the read and write permission on a file. If the lock icon appears locked, the file is read-only. If the lock icon appears unlocked, you can edit the file. Double-click the lock icon to change the edit status of the file.
  • Text selection mode—Displays different icons to indicate the text selection mode: character select, line select, or column select mode.
  • Insert/overwrite/search—Displays Ins to indicate that you can insert text into existing text. Displays Ovr to indicate that you can type over existing text. Toggle between settings by clicking the field, or by pressing the <Insert> button on the keyboard. Additionally, if you click <Ctrl-Q> on the keyboard, this field displays Sch to indicate you are in quick search mode.
  • Configuration—Displays the build configuration of the project.


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