The Find command invokes the Find dialog box.

Enter the text you want to find in Find what. If you select text on a single line before you execute the Find command, the selected text appears in Find what. Otherwise, the text you last searched for appears in the box. You can access a history of selections for Find what by clicking the arrow to the right of Find what or by using the up or down arrow keys on your keyboard. The Find dialog box contains the following options:

  • Case sensitive—Finds only the instances of the specified text that match exactly. For example, if CHR is the specified text, the Case sensitive option finds CHR but not Chr.
  • Whole word—Finds the specified text only when the characters that surround it are spaces, punctuation marks, or other characters not considered parts of a word. LabWindows/CVI treats the characters A through Z, a through z, 0 through 9, and underscore (_) as parts of a word.
  • Wrap—Specifies to continue searching from the beginning of the window once the end of the window has been reached.
  • Regular expression—If you select this option, LabWindows/CVI treats certain characters in Find what as regular expression characters instead of literal characters.
  • Name—Includes the variable name field of the Variables and Call Stack/Watch window in the search.
  • Value—Includes the value field of the Variables and Call Stack/Watch window in the search.
  • Type—Includes the variable type field of the Variables and Call Stack/Watch window in the search.
  • Button bar—Enables or disables the built-in dialog box for interactive searching.

    Find Prev and Find Next search for the closest previous or next occurrence of the specified text. Stop terminates the search, leaving the highlight on the current line. Return terminates the search, moving the highlight to where you initiated the search.

The search shortcut keys remain active even if you disable the Button Bar. The search shortcut keys in the Variables and Call Stack and Watch windows are the same as the search shortcut keys in Source windows. Use the Tools»Change Shortcut Keys command in the Source window for a list of the default search shortcut keys.


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