Types of IVI Drivers

The IVI Foundation has standardized two driver architectures: IVI-C, based on ANSI C technology, and IVI-COM, based on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology.

Note Note  The drivers, tools, and methods described in this document focus on the development of IVI-C drivers. Therefore, all references to IVI drivers in this document refer to IVI-C drivers that are created using NI tools and that rely on the IVI Engine.
Note Note  IVI Engine and IVI Library are referenced interchangeably and refer to the same software component.

IVI-C drivers can be further classified as IVI-C specific drivers and IVI-C class drivers.

An IVI-C specific driver contains information for controlling a particular instrument or family of instruments and communicates directly with the instrument hardware. For example, IVI-C specific drivers control message-based instrument hardware by sending command strings and parsing responses.

IVI-C specific drivers consist of class-compliant and custom drivers. A class-compliant driver complies with one of the IVI Foundation-defined class specifications, such as the IviScope or IviDmm class specifications. A custom driver is an IVI specific driver that is not compliant with one of the defined IVI class specifications. Custom drivers are developed for specialized instruments such as an optical attenuator. This document provides guidelines for creating both IVI-C class-compliant drivers and IVI-C custom specific drivers.

An IVI-C class driver is an IVI driver that you can use to interchange instruments when using IVI class-compliant specific drivers. NI provides IVI-C class drivers as part of the IVI Compliance Package.

NI IVI Compliance Package

The NI IVI Compliance Package contains IVI-class drivers and support libraries necessary for the development and use of applications that use IVI instrument interchangeability. The IVI Compliance Package is based on and is compliant with the latest version of the instrument programming specifications defined by the IVI Foundation. The IVI Compliance Package functionality requires IVI specific drivers. You can download one from ni.com/idnet or build an IVI specific driver yourself.

The IVI Compliance Package is available for free download at ni.com/ivi.


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