int ProgressBar_SetPercentage (int panel, int progressBarCtrl, double percentage, char *label);


Sets the position of the progress bar to the specified percentage.

If you have milestones defined, setting the percentage of the progress bar does not reset the current milestone. If you set ATTR_PROGRESSBAR_UPDATE_MODE to VAL_PROGRESSBAR_AUTO_MODE, the progress bar continues advancing to the next milestone from the new position.


Name Type Description
panel int The specifier for a particular panel that is currently in memory. You obtain this handle from LoadPanel, NewPanel, or DuplicatePanel.
progressBarCtrl int The ID you specified as the slideCtrl parameter in the ProgressBar_ConvertFromSlide function call or the ID returned by the ProgressBar_Create function.
percentage double The percentage value to which to set the progress bar position.

You must specify a double-precision value no less than 0.0 and no greater than 100.0.
label char * You can optionally pass a new label for the control that is suitable to its new position. Pass 0 to leave the label unchanged.

Return Value

Name Type Description
status int Return value indicating whether the function was successful. A negative number indicates that an error occurred. Call the GetGeneralErrorString toolbox function to get a descriptive error message.

Additional Information

Library: Progress Bar Control

Include file: custctrl\progressbar.h

LabWindows/CVI compatibility: LabWindows/CVI 2009 and later


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