ValidatePathOptions Constants

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Edition Date: May 2019

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Use this enumeration with the AnalysisUtilities.ValidatePath method.

  • ValidatePathOption_DoNotCheckIfExists–(Value: 0x2) Specifies that a path does not have to exist. You typically use this option when a path refers to a directory or the location of a file to create at run time.
  • ValidatePathOption_IgnoreAbsolutePath–(Value: 0x1) Specifies that the validation does not generate messages from the NI_AbsolutePaths rule. Pass this flag when you pass an absolute path to the AnalysisUtilities.ValidatePath method and do not want the validation to generate a message.
  • ValidatePathOption_IsCommand–(Value: 0x8) Specifies that the path is an executable command. When you use this option and the path has no file extension, the AnalysisUtilities.ValidatePath method searches for files with the same basename that end in the .exe, .com, and .bat common command extensions.
  • ValidatePathOption_NoOptions–(Value: 0x0) No options.
  • ValidatePathOption_NotRequiredForExecution–(Value: 0x4) Use this option to indicate that a file is not required for execution. If you use this option, the AnalysisUtilities.ValidatePath method generates a warning instead of an error if the file you specified is missing.

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