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PropertyObject Adapter ActiveXAdapter CommonCAdapter CVIAdapter DllAdapter DotNetAdapter HTBasicAdapter LabVIEWAdapter SequenceAdapter EditArgs PythonAdapter PythonModule Execution InteractiveArgs InteractiveContext Module ActiveXModule CommonCModule DotNetModule HTBasicModule LabVIEWModule SequenceCallModule CVIModule DllModule ActiveXParameter CommonCParameter DotNetParameter LabVIEWParameter LabVIEWParameterElement SequenceCallParameter CVIParameter DllParameter PropertyObjectFile SequenceFile UsersFile WorkspaceFile Report Sequence SequenceContext Step StepType Thread UIMessage User WorkspaceObject DotNetCall LabVIEWNodeProperty PythonParameter

Almost all TestStand API classes inherit from the PropertyObject class, which means you can use PropertyObject methods and properties on objects of other classes. For example, you can use the PropertyObject.Name property to obtain the name of a SequenceFile object, Sequence object, or Step object. You can also create subproperties using the PropertyObject methods. You can programmatically create a new subproperty of a step using the PropertyObject methods PropertyObject.SetValNumber, PropertyObject.SetValBoolean, or PropertyObject.SetValString with the PropOption_InsertIfMissing option.

Note  In most development environments, you must use the AsPropertyObject method to obtain a PropertyObject interface for the original object. In LabWindows/CVI, you can use the PropertyObject methods and property functions without first obtaining the PropertyObject interface by using the AsPropertyObject method.

The following figure depicts the inheritance of the API. Click the classes in the following figure for more information about the class and a listing of the properties and methods associated with the class.

Note Note  This figure does not include some classes in the PropertyObject hierarchy, such as the following:

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