Objects, Classes, Methods, Properties, and Controls

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Edition Date: May 2019

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The interface for an ActiveX Automation server includes the following components:

  • Object—A programmable software component that represents an instance of a class. You interact with the object using the methods, properties, and events the class defines.
  • Class—Similar to a data type definition, except that a class applies to objects rather than variables. A class defines a list of methods and properties you can use with respect to the objects you create as instances of the class. For some classes, you can create objects directly. For other classes, you can obtain objects only by calling a method or property on an existing object of another class.
  • Method—Performs an operation or function on an object.
  • Property—A value that stores and maintains a setting or attribute of an object.
  • Control—A visible or invisible ActiveX component you use on user interface windows.


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